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Geology talks are given each year by various presenters. If you enter after the start of the talk, please try to enter as quietly as possible and avoid walking in front of the slide projector. The list of talks is preliminary and will be updated as additional talks are confirmed, so check back for updates.

If you have any questions regarding Geology talks, or if you have a suggestion for a possible speaker, contact Megan Anderson.

Talks for 2013-2014 Academic Year

Block 2 - October 11 -- Palmer Hall 16 Noontime -- Dr. Craig Manning, UCLA.  "Deep Carbon Cycle Accounting: Can the budget be balanced?"

Block 3 -- November 1 -- Noontime in Tutt Science Lecture Hall -- Dr. Chris Yakymchuk, University of Maryland, "Metamorphic geology and isotopes/zircon of West Antarctica."

Block 4 -- December 5, noontime in Tutt Science Lecture Hall -- Jonathan Caine, USGS Denver "Coulings Among Stress, Strain, Heat and Fluid Flow in the eastern Colorado Mineral Belt."

Block 6 -- February 28, noontime in Palmer 15, Ned Sterne, Sterne Exploration, LLC, "The Golden Thrust System -- PeculiarGeometries Associated with Backthrusts in a System of stacked Triangle Zones along the Eastern Flank of the Colorado Front Range"

Block 7 -- March 31, noontime in Tutt Science Lecture Hall, Dr. Brandon McElroy, University of Wyoming, "Not all rates are created equally -- Quantifying variability in topographic evolution"

Block 7 -- April 14, noontime in Palmer Hall 16, Betsy Friedlander, Block 8 Visiting Professor, "Evolution of Conduit Faults during the 2004-08 Mt St Helens Lava Dome Eruption"

Block 8 -- April 25, noontime in Palmer Hall 16, Dr. Mike Petronis, New Mexico Highlands University, Title TBD

Block 8 -- April 28, noontime in Tutt Science Lecture Hall, Dr. Christa Placzek, James Cook University, Australia, Title TBD