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Resources for Students

Welcome to the History Department's Student Resources Page. Underneath you'll find various helpful links. If there is somthing you can't find, visit the History Department Office in Palmer. We would be happy to assist!


Academic Resources

Senior Thesis/Essay Information 

Tutt Library subject guide: History

Primary Sources 

Thesis Submission

1. Electronic Thesis Submission OR Electronic Essay Submission

2. Thesis Print Submission AND Thesis Print Bindery Information Form


National History Honor Society 

National History Honor Society Phi Alpha Theta 


Undergraduate Research Funds

Department Funds 

Robert McJimsey and Cosgrove Student Research Funds 

Cosgrove Student Research Funding*

Amount: $800 per student ($10,000 per year in Cosgrove budget line)

Intent: To support History students (majors, hyphenated-majors) working with History faculty on historical research projects in conducting research that cannot be undertaken at CC or through Inter-Library Loan. This research can occur during the regular academic year or, with faculty approval, during the summer. Students can apply to fund travel to libraries, archives or museums for on-site research, to conduct oral history interviews, or to gather other materials for research projects. We would support direct travel costs, modest living expenses, and research costs (up to $800) encouraging students to apply for Venture Grant Funding first or concurrently. This would help students who have already used CC Venture Grant funding or whose Venture Grants don’t cover their expenses or who are not successful in a request for a Venture Grant.  Applications would be vetted by the chair and then circulated to the rest of the Department. Once approved, checks would be requested from the business office, which takes 4-5 days.

Requirements: (Limited to $800)

  1. Detailed proposal (Using the same proposal you have developed for Venture Grants would be fine) describing the project, its timetable, and its specific research needs, listing the libraries/ archives/museums to be visited and the materials that the applicant hopes to examine. 

  2. Brief Letter of support from CC History Department member

  3. Detailed budget, with airfare or mileage, food and lodging costs, and research expenses (photocopying, images, etc.) 

  4. Recipients need to acknowledge they have received this funding in their written work or in any presentation of that work.*

DUE DATE: 1st  Monday of each block (because we have a Dept. meeting that 1st Wednesday)

Non-Departmental Research Funding 

Venture Grants

Gaylord Research Grant (Asian history)

Sheffer Grant (Religious studies)