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George Crumb & The Alchemy of Sound
  Steven Bruns, ed.   ISBN 978-093505-2077-C
  Hardbound Edition  $36.00

Texts Available on Notation and Engraving:
The Critical Text Series
The Transcription Series
The Translations Series
The Text Translations Series
Choral Masterworks of Yesterday
Choral Masterworks of Today
Instrumental Masterworks
The New Music Series

The Critical Text Series

Unpublished or revised critical texts of treatises in the original languages.

CT-1 Regulae de contrapunto Antonio de Leno $5.00
CT-2 Quaestiones et Solutiones Anonymous $5.00
CT-3 Quatuor Tractatuli Italici de Contrapuncto Anonymous $5.00
CT-4 Lectura Petrus Tallanderius $5.00
CT-5 Carmen de Musica cum Glosis Alezander de Villa Dei(?) $5.00
CT-6 Palma Choralis Joh. de Olomons $5.00
CT-7 Duo Tractatuli de Musica Egidius Carlerius $5.00
CT-8 Ars Musicorum, Libri VI et VIII Guillermus de Podio $5.00
CT-9 Arte de Canto Llano Martinez de Biscargui $5.00
CT-10 A Brief Introduction to the True Art of Music William Bathe $5.00
CT-11 Brevis Collectio Artis Musicae (Venturina) Bonaventura da Brescia $6.00
CT-12 Libellus de rudimentis musices Biagio Rossetti $7.50
CT-13 Ritus canendi [Pars prima] Johannes Gallicus $ --
CT-14 Ritus canendi [Pars secunda] Johannes Gallicus $15.00

* Critical Texts 13 and 14 sold only as a pair

The Transcription Series

This series provides inexpensive and accurate transcriptions of various prints of the sixteenth century and later. These volumes will contain all of the music given in each print, not merely selections.

TC-1 II Primo Libro de Canzoni Francesi a Due Voci Antonio Gardane $4.00
TC-2 Dixseptiesme Livre Pierre Attaingnant $4.00
TC-3 Second Livre Pierre Attaingnant $4.00
TC-4 Vingt Deuxiesme Livre Pierre Attaingnant $4.00
TC-5 Cinquiesme Livre Jacques Moderne $4.00
TC-6 Quart Livre Jacques Moderne $4.00
TC-7 Trente Troysiesme Livre Pierre Attaingnant $4.00


The Translations Series

T-1 Concerning Music (2nd Edition) Joh. de Grocheo $3.00
T-2 Concerning the Nature and Propriety of Tones (2nd Edition, Revised) Joh. Tinctoris $4.00
T-3 The Discipline of Music Aurelian de Reome $3.00
T-4 Toscanello in Music Pietro Aaron $5.00
T-5 Musical Compendium A. P. Coclico $5.00
T-6 Music(Musica) N. Listenius $3.00
T-7 Music Handbook Anonymous $4.00
T-8 Synopsis of New Music John Lippius $5.00
T-9 Concerning Measured Music Joh. de Garlandia $7.50
T-10 Proportions in Music Joh. Tinctoris $6.50
T-11 Rules of Plain Music Bonaventura da Brescia $5.00
T-12 Institutiones/Etymolgies Cassiodorus/Isidore $5.00
T-13 Conclusions for Playing the Organ Banchieri $6.00


The Text-Translations

A series that combines critical texts with translations

TT-1 Tractatus de Discantu Anonymous II $6.50
TT-2 Recanetum de Musica Aurea, Liber II, Cap. XX-XXVII Stephano Vanneo $6.50
TT-3 De Musica Figurata Marcin Kromer $5.00


Choral Masterworks of Yesterday: Series CCA

CCA-1 Et la, mon ami (SATB-Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-2 Il estoit ung bongomme (SATB-Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-3 Dur Acier et diamont(SATB-Unacc) Janequin $1.00
CCA-4 Lamentatio (ST-Acc) Dufay $1.00
CCA-5 O Domine (SATarB-Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-6 Et den bon jour; Et den bon soir (SATB - Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-7 Mass for four voices, two violins, and continuo Charpentier $2.50
CCA-8 Si de bon cuiur (SATB-Unacc) Janequin $1.00
CCA-9 Plus he la vois (SATB-Unacc) Mittantier $1.00
CCA-10 Renfort des gens (SATB-Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-11 Mortali apprendete (SSATB-Unacc) Legrenzi $1.00
CCA-12 Quanto delirio (SSATB-w Organ) Legrenzi $1.00
CCA-13 Hellas, mon Dieu (SATB-Unacc) Janequin $1.00
CCA-14 Three Chansons (SSA-Unacc) Gervaise $1.00
CCA-15 Une bergiere(SATB-Unacc) de Marle $1.00
CCA-16 Five Renaissance Canons (SATB-Unacc) ed.Seay $1.50
CCA-17 Four Lenten Motets (SATB-w Organ) Leo $1.25
CCA-18 Faictez si vous plaist (SATB-Unacc) Anonymous $1.00
CCA-19 Chi bussa? (SSATTB-Unacc) Verdelot $1.00
CCA-20 Cesta belle petite bouche (SSATTB-Unacc) Gerarde $1.00
CCA-21 Cald 'arrost' (SATB-Unacc) De Ponte $1.00
CCA-22 Four Madrigals (Sop. and Guitar) De Rore $1.00


Choral Masterworks of Today: Series CCB

CCB-1 Three Haiku by Basho (SATB-Unacc) Carlton Gamer $1.00
CCB-2 Then Finish the Last Song (SATB-Unacc) Charles Warner $1.00
CCB-3 Laudate Dominum (SATB-Unacc) Carlton Gamer $1.00


Instrumental Masterworks: Series CCC

CCC-1 Six Polish Dances and Songs for recorders or Crumhorns DLugoraja $3.00


New Music Series NMS

NMS-1 Fanovar Carlton Gamer i.p.
NMS-2 Departures Stephen Scott i.p.
NMS-3 Arcs Stephen Scott i.p.
NMS-4 The Double Edge Robert Patterson i.p.
NMS-5 Prisms- Robert Patterson i.p.
NMS-6 Quatuor Jean-Pierre Leguay i.p.
NMS-7 Five Ancient Dances Ofer Ben-Amots i.p.
NMS-8 Psalm 81 Ofer Ben-Amots i.p.
NMS-9 Quiet Places David Colson i.p.
NMS-10 Schtick Frederick Rzewski i.p.
NMS-11 - - i.p.
NMS-12 - - i.p.



The Colorado College Music Press has issued 1 record, Missa Noe, Noe by Jacques Arcadelt, sung by the Colorado College Vocal Ensemble, Donald Jenkins, conductor. It also contains Fourteen Chansons from the Court of Francis I. Please write for further information regarding this recording.

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