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Tutorial and Reference Links 


What is neuroscience?

Quiz yourself on tracts--highly recommended

 Very useful neuroanatomy website

Neuroanatomy tutorial--good overview

Neuroanatomy tutorial--very comprehensive


Neuroscience terminology--Greek and Latin meanings

Another useful tutorial page--good place to begin with different topics

Quiz yourself on neuroanatomy


Human Brain in MRI slices

Comparative Neuroanatomy

Neuroscience resource guide--links and databases and more

Auditory transduction--video

Brain overview

Comprehensive Neuroscience links and resources

General neuroscience tutorial

Summary of Brodmann's areas

Visual system--very comprehensive

Changing brains--how the brain develops

Virtual encycloportal about the brain

Interesting collection of neuroscience articles

Histology overview

How neurons work

Ion channels, resting membrane potential, action potential dynamics, and the synapse

Note: This Online Multitmedia Teaching Tool was developed by John Walsh, Ph.D., of the University of Southern California. The text and animations are a very nice review of some of the material covered in the Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology lectures. To use the resource, follow the directions for creating a "guest" account.

Nernst equation etc.

Behavioral pharmacology, etc.



Medical pharmacology

Biochemical pathways

Fun: rats and drugs

Neuroscience internships-1

Neuroscience internships-2

Neuroscience internships-3 

The Colorado College Psychology Department

The Colorado College Biology Department

The Colorado College Chemistry and Biochemistry Department 

Society for Neuroscience

Neuroscience Training Programs (Graduate and Undergraduate)