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Katherine Giuffre

Associate Professor, A.E. and Ethel Irene Carlton Professor of Social Sciences

 Curriculum Vitae

Research and Teaching Interests

My main areas of interest are the sociology of culture and art, network theory, and sociological theory. I do field work in the South Pacific and therefore, obviously, have a strong interest in Polynesian societies. My current research is focused on the social organization of creativity and innovation. This work grew out of previous work I did on the effect of artists' social networks to their success, studies of popular and high culture, and studies of deviant youth subcultures. 


2013. Communities and Networks: Using Social Network Analysis to Rethink Community and Urban Studies. Polity.

2009. Collective Creativity: Art and Society in the South Pacific. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Regular Classes


SO312 -- Communities and Networks

SO314 -- Sociology of Culture

SO334 -- Social Theory

SO115 -- Creativity: Theory and Practice


    B.A., Harvard University
    M.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill