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American Cultural Studies

feminist and gender studies

The College offers a series of special programs and courses which do not constitute major fields. Students may be able to major in these areas through the LAS Major (see information on LAS Majors later in this section) or students with special interests may choose courses in these areas. There are a series of interdisciplinary programs that you can major in. They are listed under the heading of Interdisciplinary Majors. Please take a moment to read some general course information.


Interdisciplinary Programs

The Departmental Major/International Affairs Option

Environmental Program

Liberal Arts and Sciences

North American Studies

Race and Ethnic Studies

Russian and Eurasian Studies
Southwest Studies

Studies in War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

Interdisciplinary Majors

Asian Studies



Comparative Literature

Environmental Policy

Environmental Science (Integrated, Chemisty, Physics)

Feminist and Gender Studies


History-Political Science


Political Economy


The purpose of a liberal education is not only to train students in some specialized branch of knowledge but also to make them aware of the interconnections among different branches of knowledge. To allow them to begin the task of synthesis and comparison which they will perform for the rest of their lives, in our complex society, the College offers courses in the general studies and interdisciplinary category.

These are of two types: courses in which some broad theme or subject matter is approached from the point of view of two or more different disciplines; courses whose subject matter, though narrower and more specific, will not fit easily into any traditional department. Both types may be taught by one instructor or team-taught by several instructors from different departments and often different divisions. Some of these courses provide credits outside any division, some provide credits in a division but not in a department, some are cross-listed for departmental credit. (Courses in this last category will not be found below; their descriptions appear in the listings of the appropriate departments.) A few general studies and interdisciplinary courses are designed for freshmen only; one is designed for seniors only; but most are open to all students, though particularly suitable for freshmen and sophomores.

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