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Faculty Advisers:

Professor Kapuria-Foreman, Economics
Professor Price-Smith, Political Science

The departmental major/international affairs option is designed to allow students the advantage of a traditional major along with development of an understanding of international affairs. It assumes that such an understanding begins to develop through study of a foreign language, an extended experience outside one's own country, and a familiarity with approaches that address the affairs of nations and peoples.


The requirements of the departmental major/international affairs option are as follows:

  • At least three units of credit for study outside the United States.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language: For languages that are taught at the college, through 305; for other languages through the intermediate level. Students may meet this requirement through placement exams.
  • Three units of credit in courses that cover in a substantial way the foundations used by a discipline to understand and compare the social affairs of nations and peoples and interaction among nations and peoples. See an international affairs adviser for a list LINK of approved courses