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Adviser: Professor Cook, Political Science; Secondary Advisor: Professor LINDAU, Political Science.

The North American Studies Program is designed to create an understanding of the complex regional forces shaping North America. Political, social, cultural and economic ties between Mexico, the United States and Canada are transforming all three countries, creating a region which is ever more closely related and interdependent.

The North American Studies Program includes:

1. A Thematic Minor
2. Block visitors from Mexico, Canada and the United States.
3. A North American Institute during the Summer Session. This first part of this course is taught at Colorado College, followed by travel to Canada and Mexico.


In order to help students interested in North American Studies to locate courses of interest, we have cross-listed those departmental courses which deal with North America under the course heading, North American Studies. They are listed below.

Anthropology : 204-Prehistory: North America, 211-The Culture Area: Eskimos, 290-American Indian Music; 242-The Anthropology of Food.

Art History: 180-Native American Art, 200-Topics: Art of Mexico.

History: 105-Civilization in the West: The Atlantic World; 203-Native American History(Canada); 267-History of the Southwest under Spain and Mexico.

Music: 290-American Indian Music.

Political Science: 103-Western Political Tradition; 341-International History of North America, 1754-1867; 410-Tutorial in International Relations.

ROMANCE LANGUAGES: Spanish 338-Latino Literature in the United States.

Sociology: 234-Sociology of 20th-Century Mexico.

Southwest Studies: 275-The American Southwest: The Heritage & the Variety.

Spanish: 339-Chicano Literature.