Studies in War & Peace in the Nuclear Age - Colorado College

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Professor: Ashley (Advisor).

The Study of the revolutionary significance of nuclear weapons against the background of science, ethical theory, and the historical and political realities. 5 units minimum.

Students choose at least one course from each of the Categories One, Two, and Three, and the capstone course in Category Four.

Category One: War as a cultural phenomenon and moral issue: FS 142; GS 203, 205, 210; SO 190 Global Inequalities.

Category Two: Nuclear energy as a physical phenomenon: PC 126, 132.

Category Three: The nuclear threat in its historical and political content: AN 309 Culture & Power: Political Anthropology, 350; EC 342, 344, EV 120 Global Bioethics; HY 286, PS 308, 309, 311, 314, 322, 325, 343;

The Integrative Experience: Students take GS 320 relating work they have previously undertaken in a number of disciplines, students will work on independent projects with two faculty members of two different divisions of the college.