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Nationally Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships


The annual Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship Forum will be held on Thursday, Sept. 15, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Gates Common Room in Palmer Hall.

There are a number of exciting opportunities available to every student at Colorado College. However, for many, the most difficult step can be learning about the opportunities early enough to plan and prepare appropriately.  If you are interested in learning about your options, the College recommends attending the annual Scholarship and Fellowship Forum, held in September, and doing some initial research on this web page to determine the opportunities that interest you and for which you are eligible. Once you know what interests you, then contact the appropriate campus advisors to discuss the appropriate next steps.  It is never too early to begin thinking about these options. An early start can give you a significant advantage.
If you are interested in narrowing your search by reviewing nationally competitive opportunities in certain fields and disciplines, please review:
Opportunities Organized by Division
Details on each of the nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships (including the names of the campus advisors) are available at the links below. Please keep in mind that being competitive for the most prestigious post-graduate fellowships can require beginning preparation as early as the sophomore year.
Opportunities for
First-Years and
Opportunities for Upperclassmen
Graduating Seniors,
and Recent Graduates
If you wish to learn more about some post-graduate internships and fellowships available through national nonprofits, please review the following list compiled by the Career Center.
Nonprofit Internships and Fellowships
The College offers a number of other programs to support students interested in honing their post-graduate opportunities:

Other Academic Programs