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For Winter Starts

We expect as many as 40 students to begin their Colorado College studies as Winter Start students this year. This group is comprised of a wide variety of students, all of whom we are certain will thrive at CC. All students who are admitted to Colorado College - Winter or Fall Start - are admitted because of their outstanding academic records, talents, and personal qualities. There is typically no particular reason why a student is offered winter rather than fall admission; however, we believe you are uniquely prepared to use your semester off productively.

You may be wondering what the Winter Start Program is all about. It is important to know that it is a program established by the college to manage enrollment for the spring semester. While it is a practical program to utilize rooms left vacant by upper-class students studying abroad, it is also a way to increase the number of first-year students we are able to admit in a given year. During the fall semester at Colorado College (and most other colleges in the U.S.), the great majority of enrolled students study on campus. The spring semester is typically the time when students are more likely to study abroad or in other off-campus programs. As a result, there are fewer students on campus in the spring, and therefore, more room in classrooms and residence halls. Winter Start students fill those vacancies in the spring semester and generally stay on to study over the summer. They join the ‘normal’ academic calendar when they return for their second year in the fall. A number of other colleges (Middlebury, Colby, and Berkeley are notable examples) have similar programs.