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Network account

This password is used to log into computers on the Colorado College domain, to check your email, and to log in to PROWL.  There are several ways to change your network account password:

How to use self service password resetThe easiest way is to use our password reset tool at, which is available from on or off campus, and works great from mobile devices.  You'll have to enroll the first time you do it, but from then on it will simply ask you to answer the security questions you established when enrolling and then let you reset your password.

You can also log on to any Windows-based PC on campus with your current password, including lab machines (make sure 'coloradocollege' is selected in the "log onto" field). Once you're in, just hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete when logged on and then select the “Change Password” button in the lower left.

If you have any problems or questions, bring your CC ID (or other photo ID) with you to the Help Desk (Tutt Library 13), and we'll help you change your password.

SSB account

Referred to as a "PIN," this password is specific to your Self Service Banner (SSB) login.  There are 2 ways to change your PIN:

  1. When you first set up your SSB access, you should have created a security question and answer.  You can use this to reset your password by typing it incorrectly, and then clicking "forgot password" and proceeding with the reset from there.
  2. You can contact the Help Desk and request a PIN reset.  The Help Desk will perform the reset, which will send you a new PIN via your Colorado College email.

INB account

Internet Native Banner (INB) is the direct interface to Banner.  Most students, faculty and staff do not have an INB account - it's primarily used by administrative offices.  There are 2 ways to reset your INB password:

  1. Do it directly by following these steps
    • Login to Banner INB using your current password.
    • Once you are logged in, select “Change Banner Password”.  The Oracle Password Change form will appear (GUAPSWD).
    • Type your current Banner INB login password where the form indicates “Oracle Password”. You do not need to provide the database name.
    • Type your new Banner INB login password where the form indicates “New Oracle Password”.
    • Type your new Banner INB login password again where the form indicates “Verify Password”.
    • Click the disk button to save your new password.
  2. Contact the Help Desk to create a ticket for the Enterprise team to perform the password reset.


This allows you to log into the voicemail system on your phone and listen to your messages, change your greeting, etc.  To reset your voicemail password:

  1. Contact the Help Desk, they will reset the password for you over the phone.