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Major Projects

A high level summary of our current major projects and hopes for when they will be completed.  Click on the hashtag link for twitter updates or the text link for to see a more detailed webpage for each project.

Wired and wireless upgrade

Tigernet2 was designed and built in 2007, and the 7-year old design and technology is showing its age.  We are designing a new wireless network to meet the demands of the future.  

Update (9/17/14) - Piloting some of the new wireless access points in the Spencer Center renovation, they're really really fast!

Replace PROWL with Canvas
We implemented PROWL in 2004.  It's an antiquated system and a selection panel made up of faculty, students, and staff have chosen Canvas to replace it.  PROWL and Canvas will run side by side for one year to ease the transition.
 Update (9/22/14) - Welcome our new Instructional Technologist / Trainer, who will focus on Canvas.  Her name is Jennifer Golightly, and she can be reached at x 6670.
Single Sign In (SSI)
We are reducing the number of different usernames and passwords you need to know for various systems on campus.  Our major focus at the moment is to implement single sign on between your CC network account, Banner (both INB and SSB), Canvas, and Email.  Once completed, you will be able to sign into all these services with the same username and password.
Update (10/1/14) - Now that Single Sign-In is live, we're turning our attention to figuring out what systems to add next.  We've received some ideas from the community and are prioritizing which are the best ones to add first.  Let us know if you have any thoughts!
Office 365 migration
We are in the process of changing to Microsoft's cloud email system, Office 365.  All student and alumni accounts are already in Office 365, and we're moving faculty and staff accounts department by department.  Office 365 offers a 50 GB email quota (our current default quota is 2 GB) as well as other features.
Update (9/17/14) - Physics has migrated.
CC Aerial Mapping Program
The CC AMP utilizes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to obtain mapping data for research.  Various sensors are mounted to the UAVs (cameras, thermal and multispectral imaging devices, etc.) which then atuomatically fly a particular survey grid pattern as programmed by mission planning software and give access to on-demand, high definition imagery.  After a flight, the data is collected and used in post processing.  
Update (8/12/14) - Woops, we totaled one of the drones... hurray for experiential learning!  In any case, the project has been a big success in proving the concept of drones as a valid scientific tool at CC.
Managed Print (MPS)
The managed print system is intended to dramatically improve the environmental sustainability of printing on campus by focusing on fewer, more efficient printers.  It will also be a better print experience for everyone since the devices are newer and capable of functions like scanning to email, printing from a flash drive, and all are defaulted to duplexing.  Take a look at the significant energy savings from Managed Print!
Update (10/1/14) - Papercut is live and on 30+ printers across campus.  We're adding more printers as we go.  It was a bit of a rocky start in the first 2 days, but we've fixed most of the issues.  Take a look at our instructions for setting up Papercut.