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System Status and Known Issues

All systems are up and running normally.
The next scheduled all-day maintenance outage is Friday, January 2 (ALL DAY)

Known Issues

Ongoing issues with technology which we are aware of and actively working to improve.

Error when adding or removing people from a Canvas course

  1. When attempting to add a person to a course by entering an email address, it will sometimes give an error.  A workaround is to ask a Canvas administrator to add the person for you.
  2. When attempting to remove a person from a course by going to "People > Remove from Course" you get an error.  A workaround is to use a slightly different method: "People > Click the specific person > more details > conclude enrollment"

Speedgrader times out in Canvas, giving an error

We've seen a few limited reports of this behavior - after entering a long comment into speed grader and then trying to proceed, it will error out and then lose the text of the comment.  Canvas engineers are investigating the cause.

Unable to use remote control in SSLVPN - juniper client crashes

This error is happening on new operating systems (Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks), and occurs because a hardware component is old and out of support.  We're working on getting a new method for VPN up and running as soon as possible.

3/15/2014: A workaround that works consistently is to edit the shortcut to the remote control item (or create a new one) and use the IP address instead of the name.  For example, instead of "IT-termsrv4", you would use ""

Tigernet2 drops connection

The tigernet2 wireless connection will suddenly drop and need to reconnect.  This can happen frequently in the course of normal computer usage, and gets even more frequent when the device moves around (and thus connects to a different wireless access point).

2/13/2014: We implemented a configuration change which has drastically reduced the errors we see in our monitoring tools.  Current drop errors are only about 33% of what they were before the change.

12/7/2013: We implemented a change from 3 wireless controllers down to 1, which should reduce the frequency of drops.

11/3/2013: We are aware that many devices, particularly apple-based are experiencing drops in wireless connectivity on tigernet2.