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Competition Calendar

Big Idea Competition Calendar for the 2013-2014 Academic Year




Jan 6-16

Startup Bootcamp

1/2 block program taught by Patrick Bultema. While not required, the Bootcamp will cover the skills, and all the materials required for the Big Idea Competition. It’s ideal if at least one member from each team participates.

Feb 7

Registration Deadline

This is the initial step of formally registering as a team in the competition. Teams must have their one-page registration submitted per the Big Idea website.

Feb 28

Full Draft Submission pack

This is a full draft version of the package of materials that will be used throughout the competition. Includes the following:

  1. Core Value Statement

  2. 1-2 Page Executive Summary of the startup

  3. 10-15 slide presentation deck

  4. Business model spreadsheet

Detailed guidance on Submission requirements available through website.

Mar 3

Finalist Selection Process

Startup plan review, refinement, and finalist selection process begins. Packages may be refined and revised until Mar 26, 2014.

Mar 26

Finalist Teams Announced

4 to 7 teams shall be selected to proceed to the finals. All teams notified.

Mar 26

Finalist Submission Packs

Upon selection, the finalist teams shall submit their final and full submission packages to be forwarded to the judging panel.

Apr 1

Big Idea Competition

All finalist teams will present to the judging panel and be available for Q&A. Judges will select winning teams and allocated seed funding awards.