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New Executive Director - Patrick Bultema

Patrick is the new Executive Director at Colorado College of The Big Idea: Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Colorado College. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur, widely recognized as an industry and company maker. He has served as an founder, inventor, executive, investor, board member, and advisor to over 50, mostly venture-backed startups. In addition, Patrick has served with a number of social entrepreneurial efforts. He was most recently CEO of internet software startup Ortsbo.  He was a Venture Partner with vSpring Capital, a venture capital firm in the mountain west region.  He was CEO of Codebaby, CEO of XAware, and previously CEO of FrontRange Solutions, a global CRM software company. He was founder and Executive Chairman of Knowlix, and was Chairman and General Manager of the Help Desk Institute, then a Ziff-Davis company.

A noted author and speaker, Patrick is passionate about helping young startup entrepreneurs, sharing from his years and diversity of experience. Patrick started off his career in tech in the late 80’s writing PC how-to books during the season of proliferation of personal computers. Patrick is also recognized as one of leading experts in online customer experience, as well as the customer management industry. He was founding Executive Editor of Customer Support Management Magazine, and has been recognized as an industry maker in the CRM space. 

In addition to the college of hard knocks, Patrick demonstrates that a liberal arts education has a place in the world of startups. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities in Religious Studies at California State University, Chico, where he was recently recognized as the 2011 distinguished alumni.  And he has a Master of Divinity from Princeton. Go figure.

Contact Information: 


phone: 719-389-7084

office: Ticknor 008

Linkedin: patrickbultema

Twitter: patrickbultema