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Celebrating our reunion classes:

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One CC, Many Faces

When I think about diversity, obviously skin color comes to mind, but it’s just one of several things. Human beings are multi-faceted with different cultural backgrounds, family circumstances, religions, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, personal values, as well as cognitive thought and abilities.

There’s been a CC Alumni of Color group at work, aiming to make a difference for our students of color to have easier transitions at CC. I applaud any effort that will promote inclusivity, and I do believe “it takes a village” to enhance our students’ experiences, and hence, alumni experiences. When we feel truly connected to community, it becomes the place where creativity and personal growth happen organically.

Our lives are enriched by diversity, particularly in a place like CC where the liberal arts tease critical thinking. Diversity of thought plays out in our classrooms, in our places of work, by our choices in friends and mates. I’d like to think of our community as One CC, Many Faces. At Homecoming Weekend, we aim to engage in conversation about the meaning of community; we aim to encourage all students to fully steep themselves in their college experience and stretch beyond any limitations, whether real or perceived. When we open ourselves to our vulnerabilities, we can be pleasantly surprised by the power of connection to others. All relationships require risk, regardless of our skin color. At CC, let us create the kind of experience we need for it to be in order to become thriving, productive citizens of the world.

Join us in the conversation. Join us with your friends and definitely plan to make new ones. Join us on campus Oct. 9-12.

Anita Pariseau,
Director of Alumni Relations

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Reunion and Homecoming Weekend Events
Kristie Damgaard, Assistant Director for On-Campus Programs 
Jayne Blewitt, Coordinator for On-Campus Programs

Reunion Giving
Laura Rosendo ’06, Reunion Gift Officer