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The following are kudos given to people at the 2013 Year End Celebration:

To: Kylie Anderson
Comments: She shows up every day and gives 100% effort!
From: Mike Franceschi

To: Caitlin Apigian
Comments: She always gives 110% and although she’s new to us, she’s a great part of the team already.
From: Carolyn Madsen

To: All of Athletics
Comments: They are the best, most fun bunch anywhere!
From: Nancy

To: Cathe Bailie
Comments: Cathe's knowledge and good humor are huge assets to the Music Department.
From: Stormy Burns

To: Todd Doebler
Comments: He runs the Adam F Press fitness center with awesomeness!
From: Anonymous

To: Jayne Blewitt
Comments: She is awesome!

To: Lisa Brommer
Comments: With all the new events for staff and faculty!
From: Kelley Mathers

To: Amy Brooks
Comments: She’s a great office next-door-neighbor!
From: Jessy Randall

To: Stormy Burns
Comments: She is a great colleague!

To: Stormy Burns
Comments: Because of everything she does!
From: Richard Agee

To: Marco Chamorro
Comments: He survived his first year at AV largely intact and with good humor.
From: Dan Wiencek

To: Cindy Christensen
Comments: You are a great person and great friend. OH, and thanks for always having chocolate for me!
From: Kathy Gonzalez

To: Dan Crossey
Comments: He always goes out of his way to make sure the students’ needs are taken care of.
From: Ryan Hammes

To: Financial Aid Office
Comments: You all are AWESOME! I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.
From: Kathy Gonzalez

To: Kathy Gonzalez
Comments: Great Job at the year-end celebration!
From: Kelley Mathers

To: Molly Gross
Comments: She is so caring and helpful to students. She practices excellence everyday and I am so lucky and honoured to be her colleague.
From: Sarah Milteer

To: Kara Hodgson
Comments: Your dedication & flexibility are unmatched. Thanks for all you do.

To: Marion Hourdequin
Comments: She is thoughtful and organized - she makes life better for everyone who works with her.
From: Helen Daly

To: Beth Kancilia
Comments: She is kind, compassionate, smart & fun to work with!
From: Heather Browne

To: Guyda Marr
Comments: She knows everything and she is kind and patient to everyone!
From: Catherine Bailie

To: Guyda Marr
Comments: She helps make the Art & Packard Music Departments a good, calmer place.
From: Stormy Burns

To: Robert Moore
Comments: He quietly finds a way to get things done!

To: Carl Olson
Comments: He turns out my print jobs almost before I even order them.
From: Catherine Bailie

To: Rose Pacheco
Comments: She is a wealth of knowledge and she is SO SWEET! I love her.
From: Michelle Beckmann

To: Jessy Randall
Comments: She makes coming to work everyday a pleasure!
From: Anonymous

To: Residential Life and Housing
Comments: Thanks to the Residential Life and Housing department for making conference services feel so welcome and helping us so much!
From: Brenda Soto

To: Sara Rotunno
Comments: She works so hard and always remembers to appreciate others for their hard work!
From: Bethany Grubbs

To: Ron Rubin
Comments: He loves CC more than anyone I know.
From: Mark Hille

To: Enid Ruiz
Comments: She’s always ready/willing to help me!
From: Pam

To: Margret Salm
Comments: She’s worked at the college many years and she’s about to retire. I appreciate her positive attitude and kind spirit. She will be missed!!
From: Cindy Tappan

To: Tracy Santa
Comments: He cares so much about students and his peer tutors. He is such a wonderful teacher and colleague, a delight to work alongside.
From: Sarah Milteer

To: Michael Starr
Comments: He’s always there to help when something needs to be set up. Awesome job, always with a smile!
From: Rick Swan

To: Jeanne Steiner
Comments: She is the best boss ever!
From: Greg Marshall

To: Michelle Swepston
Comments: She is a great person, does so much for the college beyond her duties and is positive + enthusiastic.
From: Ron Rubin

To: Kimberly Taylor
Comments: She was very helpful in teaching me the conference ropes even though she was very busy.
From: Sandy Yowell

To: Kelly Tinan
Comments: She took over my job when I had surgery - did both hers and mine for 3 weeks.
From: Karen Klein

To: Naomi Trujillo
Comments: She is a communications extraordinaire and always friendly & wonderful! You go girl!
From: Ashleigh Willis

To: Justin Weis
Comments: He puts up with so much & still is the nicest guy on staff!
From: Kat