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Cinema Studies

Advisor — SIMONS

Minor Requirements

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of cinema. 5 units minimum.

Option One: Students must choose five units among: FS215, FS315, GR210, FS205, GS220, FS212, FS312, FS318, FS284, HS205 (January half-block — when appropriate to film).

Option Two: 3 units from Option One and two courses which do not deal directly with cinema but which must be related, in some significant way, to at least one of the cinema courses listed in Option One. These courses should be chosen after consultation with the advisor for the minor.

The Integrative Experience

A paper dealing with some aspect of cinema, written in connection with one of the cinema courses taken in the minor or, for those two choose Option Two, with one of the non-cinema courses, OR a short movie or video project, accompanied by a paper discussing sources, influences, the way it was made, etc. Some explanation: There are many different contexts in which the relationship among the three linked courses — the one cinema course and the two courses in other disciplines — may be seen. In each of the examples below, more than two non-cinema courses have been listed, in order to suggest that the options under each cinema course would not be excessively limited. Cinema and 20th-Century History, Politics, or Society: Examples: GS220, EN263, SO224, AN293, MU205, FS205, AN219, HY258, HY268; Cinema In Relation to Other 20th-Century Arts: Examples: FS205, AH245, EN398, HS330, MU399, DR204; Cinema and Theories of Art and Language: Examples: FS105, AH112, DR100, EN301, FR306, GS208, PH209. No doubt many other courses would be appropriate in each of these lists, and, of course, there are still other cinema courses that would generate their own appropriate clusters.