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TH240 – Special Topics in Design: Environmental Design for Performance

In Special Topics in Design: Environmental Design for Performance, students are given the unique opportunity to put their design experience to work in projects that combine community engagement and sustainability.


Associate Professor Marie Davis-Green email
Professor Howard Drossman email

In this unique class, performing arts students join with environmental program students to address campus, community and regional sustainability issues. The Environmental Inquiry pieces of the class focus on how different epistemological perspectives are used to address environmental issues. Performing arts students will have an opportunity to focus on design of a community space through projects that convey eco-concepts, visual information, emotions, or reforms and are infused with personal meaning, community engagement and social consciousness. Environmental Inquiry students will focus on subjective approaches to addressing important campus sustainability issues and looking at ways to convey the importance and teach more effectively about regionally contested spaces.

Also listed as: EV221