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Investment club

The Investment Club or I-Club seeks to provide students across the entire campus with the opportunity to learn more about investing.  The purpose of the club is to give its members an opportunity to practice and use the tools gained from our courses and professors. This real world application serves to strengthen and ingrain our knowledge of economics, markets and finance. The Club also seeks to educate its members as well. In an effort to increase transparency, the I-Club makes our Annual Report (2011-2012) available, as well as our current holdings

The Investment Club meets every Tuesday in Palmer 128 at 12:15 p.m. For more information about the club or our investments, please contact Eli Greenspan at

Our current officers are listed below: 


    • Eli Greenspan

Vice President:

    • Spencer Collins


    • Alyson Hammonds


    • Christopher Mayo-Smith
    • Hunter Wolfel

2011-2012 Investment Club Photo