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In addition to excellent teaching, faculty members of The Economics & Business department at Colorado College engage in a wide array of research. The department also hosts a blockly seminar series, which brings in researchers from around the country to present their findings.

Below is a list of our current working papers. Copies of all working papers are available from our Working Papers Coordinator either by mail or by email to Phoenix Van Wagoner. Requests should include the working paper number and name(s) of the author(s).

Most working papers are available through the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) by clicking the links below. Papers not found on SSRN may be downloaded directly.


Series Number Title  Authors
2013-02 Bidding for Classes: Course Allocation Under the Colorado College Auction System Cassandra Benson, Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2013-01 The Importance of Being Steve: An Econometric Analysis of the Contribution of Steve Jobs's Patents to Apple's Market Valuation Daniel K.N. Johnson, Sylvie Scowcroft
2012-17 It's Not What You Know, It's Who Knows What You Know: An Econometric Analysis of the Effectiveness of Microfinance in the Presence of Endogenous Peer Effects Lisa Sundeen, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2012-13 Comparing Leadership at the Institutional Level with the Technical Core: How Personality and Organization Roles Affect Leadership Choices Kevin J. Davis, David A. Levy, James E. Parco
2012-12 Resistance to Truthful Revelation in Bargaining: Persistent Bid Shading and the Play of Dominant Strategies James E. Parco, Ryan O. Murphy
2012-11 Financial Management: An Organic Approach  Judith A. Laux 
2012-10 Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Importance of Location for Knowledge Transfer in the Transportation Sector

Jeff Moore, Daniel N.K. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker

2012-09 Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone: Analysis of the Knowledge Flows Between Successive Generations of Solar Innovation

Daniel K.N. Johnson, Jeff Moore, Kristina M. Lybecker 

2012-08 The Healing Arts: Analysis of the Knowledge Flows Between Successive Generations of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Daniel K.N. Johnson, Jeff Moore, Kristina M. Lybecker 

2012-07 Topics in Finance: Part IX--Working Capital Management

Judith A. Laux

2012-06 The Economic Efficacy of Banking Mergers: 2006-2008

Rachel Vitale, Judith A. Laux

2012-05 A Probability Model for Earnings Restatement Abdoulaye Dabo, Judith A. Laux
2012-04 Mortgage Meltdown: Default Sensitivity to Declining Home Values and Loan-to-Value Ratios Yannick Schindler, Judith A. Laux
2012-03 On the Association between HIV Knowledge and Rsiky Sexual Behavior in India Smirti Agarwal, Pedro de Araujo
2012-02 Where are the Eco-Innovators? Analysis of the Knowledge Flows Between Successive Generations of Green Technology Innovations Daniel K.N. Johnson, Jeff Moore, Kristina M. Lybecker
2012-01 Can You Hear Me Now? The Importance of Location for Knowledge Transfer in the Telecommunications Sector Daniel K.N. Johnson, Jeffrey Moore, Kristina M. Lybecker
2011-15 Should I Buy Here, or Keep Driving? The Effect of Geographic Market Density on Retail Gas Prices Amy Schultheis, Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker, Devin Nadar
2011-14 Sure, but Who has the Energy? The Importance of Location for Knowledge Transfer in the Energy Sector Jeff Moore, Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2011-13 Topics in Finance Part VIII--Mergers & Acquisitions Judith A. Laux
2011-11 Viral Economics: an Epidemiological Model of Knowledge Diffusion in Economics Nicole Gurley, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2011-10 Price Determination and Efficiency in the Market for South Platte Basin Ditch Company Shares Matthew T. Payne, Mark Griffin Smith
2011-09 The Influence of the Real Estate Market on Water Right Values in New Mexico's Middle Rio Grande Basin Matthew T. Payne, Mark Griffin Smith, Clay Landry
2011-08 The Arkansas Valley Super Ditch: A Local Response to 'Buy and Dry' in Colorado Water Markets Tyler G. McMahon, Mark Griffin Smith
2011-07 Fastest in the Pool: The Role of Technological Innovation on Swimming Record Breaks Claire Preston, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2011-06 Utilization of Oral Contraception: The Impact of Direct and Indirect Restrictions on Access to Abortion Amanda J. Felkey, Kristina M. Lybecker
2011-05 Topics in Finance, Part VII: Dividend Policy Judith A. Laux
2011-04 Cache Me If You Can: Rational Addiction to the Leisure Activity of Geocaching Kristina Shoyleva, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2011-03 The Role of Restrictive Abortion Legislature in Explaining Variation in Oral Contraceptive Use Amanda J. Felkey, Kristina M. Lybecker
2011-02 Derivatives Usage: Value-Adding or Destroying? Jack Naito, Judith A. Laux
2011-01 Topics in Finance: Part VI -Capital Budgeting Judith A. Laux
 2010-10 Topics in Finance: Part V- Capital Structure  Judith A. Laux 
2010-09 Does Principal Pay Matter? An Analysis of Principal Compensation and School Performance in Colorado K-12 Public Schools David K. Carlson, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2010-08 Is Wal-Mart a Bad Neighbor? Repeat Sales Evidence on How Residential Property Values React to a New Big-Box Store Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2010-07 Fruits of Their Neighbors: The Role of Geography in Agricultural Innovation Alex Stiller-Shulman, Kristina M. Lybecker, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2010-06 Vairation in Pill Use: Do Abortion Laws Matter? Amanda J. Felkey, Kristina M. Lybecker
2010-05 Does HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge Affect Men's Decision to Have Sexual Encounters with Commercial Sex Workers? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa Smirti Agarwal, Jayash Paudel, Pedro de Araujo
2010-04 A Life Insurance Deterrent to Risky Behavior in Africa James Murray, Pedro de Araujo
2010-03 Trends in Stadium and Arena Construction, 1995-2015 Mayya Komisachik, Aju J. Fenn
2010-02 Executive Pay Inefficiencies in the Financial Sector Haley Barton, Judith A. Laux
2010-01 A Behavioral Approach to Stock Pricing Jayash Paudel, Judith A. Laux
2009-10 Lending a Hand: A Quantile Regression Analysis of Micro-Lending's Poverty Impact Stephen W. Polk, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2009-09 The NWIMBY Effect (No Walmart in My Backyard): Bix Box Stores and Residential Property Values Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker, Nicole Gurley, Alex Stiller-Shulman, Stephen Fischer
2009-08 Financing Environmental Improvements: A Literature Review of the Constraints on Financing Environmental Innovation Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2009-07 Challenges to Technology Transfer: A Literature Review of the Constraints on Environmental Technology Dissemination Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2009-06 Innovating for an Uncertain Market: A Literature Review of the Constraints on Environmental Innovation Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2009-05 The Effect of Wage-Payment Reform on Workers' Labor Supply and Welfare Esther Redmount, Arthur Snow, Ronald S. Warren Jr.
2009-04 Emerging U.S. Climate Policy: Where We are and How We Got Here Geoffrey Clemm, Mark Griffin Smith
2009-03 Thought for Food: A New Dataset on Innovation for Agricultural Use Daniel K.N. Johnson, Christopher Ryan Hughes
2009-02 Determinants of Recent Online Purchasing and the Percentage on Income Spent Online Brendan Hannah, Kristina M. Lybecker
2009-01 An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure? Short- and Long-Run Effects of Pharmaceutical Patents on U.S. Health Care Expenditures Hilary Johnson, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2008-08 Does HAVA Help the Have-Nots? U.S. Adoption of New Election Equipment, 1980-2008 Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker
2008-07 Semester, Trimester, or Block Plan? Retention of Economics Principles by Undergraduates on Alternative Curricular Structures Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina Lybecker, Corrine Taylor
2008-06 NAFTA Toward a Common Currency: An Economic Feasibility Study Kelly Hugger
2008-05 The Anatomy of a Likely Donor: Econometric Evidence on Philanthropy to Higher Education Daniel K.N. Johnson, Christen Lara
2008-04 Energy Star: A Competitive Advantage? Tommy Joiner, Judith A. Laux
2008-03 Doing Publishable Research with Undergraduate Students Aju J. Fenn, Daniel K.N. Johnson, Mark Giffith Smith, Larry Stimpert
2008-02 How Influential is Experience? A Study of the Relationship between Demography and Cognition Larry Stimpert, Irene Duhaime
2008-01 Managerial Cognition and Strategic Decision Making in Diversified Firms Larry Stimpert, Irene Duhaime
2007-06 Feedback Effects and the Laffer Landscape John Stinespring
2007-05 Selling Ideas: The Determinants of Patent Value in an Auction Environment Kate Sneed, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2007-04 Fueling the Innovation Process: Oil Prices and Induced Innovation in Automotive Energy-Efficient Technology Joey Crabb, Daniel K.N. Johnson
2007-03 Straddle Option Profitability in Corporate Lawsuits Erica Wind, Judith A. Laux
2007-02 Macroeconomic Determinants of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in India Amit Ghosh, Ramkishen Rajan
2007-01 A Selective Survey of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Asia: What Does the Literature Tell Us? Amit Ghosh, Ramkishen Rajan
2006-07 NHL Team Production John Heyne, Aju J. Fenn, Stacey Brook
2006-06 The Economic Determinants of the Brazilian Nominal Term Structure of Interest Rates Rodrigo Sekkel, Denisard Alves
2006-05 Can Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves? An Examination of Dynamic Scoring with Public Capital John Stinespring
2006-04 A Tale of Two Cities Revisited: Pass-Through in Hong Kong & Singapore Amit Ghosh, Ramkishen Rajan
2006-03 It's a Small(er) World: The Role of Geography in Biotechnology Innovation Daniel K.N. Johnson
2006-02 Six Degress of GM Bacon: Network Analysis of Biotechnology Inventors Daniel K.N. Johnson
2006-01 Are Many Heads Better than Two? Recent Changes In International Technological Collaboration Daniel K.N. Johnson, Katherine Sneed
2005-03 An Accounting Primer: For Economists' Eyes Only! Judith A. Laux
2005-02 Who REALLY Wants to be a Millionaire: Game Show Contestant Behavior Under Risk Daniel K.N. Johnson, Tracy Gleason
2005-01 Case Studies on Location: Taking to the Field in Economics Mark Smith
2004-03 Strategy Elicitation in Symmetric Real Time Trust Dilemmas Ryan O. Murphy, Amnon Rapoport, James E. Parco
2004-02 The Determinants of NFL Viewership: Evidence from Nielsen Ratings Shannon Carney, Aju J. Fenn
2004-01 The Demand for NFL Attendance: A Rational Addiction Model Erin Spencer, Aju J. Fenn, John Crooker