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Undergraduate Programs

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Registration FAQs

ED101 replaces ED100, ED110, and ED201 in all Education course prerequisite lists.

What is a CBL "prerequisite"?

CBL stands for Community Based Learning, which means that part of the course will include learning in a community setting.  IT IS NOT A PREREQUISITE. CBL courses have “the intention of equipping students with the skills, knowledge and experience to exercise influence toward social, cultural, environmental or civic outcomes that benefit the common good.” 

ED220 2013 Circle

Prerequisites listed with “or”

If the word “or” is included in the list of prerequisites, then there should be an “or” in between all those courses listed as a prerequisites.

Do I need to put points on any courses?

In the past, only two courses needed points, however those courses now have prerequisites as part of the major or are listed with a new title, so won’t be recognized as the same course.  No other Education courses have required any points, but many do fill up quickly after preregistration.

Can I switch into an entry-level Education course on the first day of a block?

Most education courses involve a field placement, which the instructor needs to arrange with a school well before the class starts.  Thus, you need to be registered for a course a month before it begins.  If you want to take switch into the course and it’s less than four weeks until it begins, please to check with the instructor to determine if a placement for you can be made.

This especially holds true for the entry level courses: ED101, ED210, ED211

What Education courses satisfy CC’s General Ed Requirements

ED218: Globalization in Education satisfies the “G” (Global Cultures) or "D" (Diverse Cultures & Critiques) of Critical Perspectives.

ED255: Urban Education satisfies the "D" (Diverse Cultures & Critiques) or "S" (Social Inequality) of Critical Perspectives.

ED260: Educational Research Design satisfies the "Q' (Quantitative Reasoning) of Critical Perspectives.