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Mari Lee

Interdisciplinary Connections

  • Environmental Science
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Environmental Health


Research Summary

 Atmospheric Chemistry & Mechanical Engineering

  • Analytical instrumentation development
  • Chemical charging and detection of neutral, nanometer sized molecular clusters
  • Laboratory simulated atmospheres
  • Chemical analysis of atmospheric nucleation processes

 Public Heath

  • Exposure analysis of cooking smoke particulates in Tanzania, East Africa
  • Chemical analysis of volatile particulate matter: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure
  • Personal to institutional scale improved cook stove technology

 Science Education

  • Participation in ongoing development and effectiveness assessment of POGIL activities for chemistry and environmental science education

 Employment Experience

  • Colorado College - Interim Technical Director
  • Boston Scientific – Materials research and development
  • U.S. Peace Corps – Advanced-level math and science educator


 Chen, M., Titcombe, M., Jiang, J., Zhao, J., Jen, C., Kuang, C., Eisele, F.L., Siepmann, J.L., Hanson, D.H., McMurry, P.H. An acid-base chemical reaction model for nucleation rates in the polluted atmospheric boundary layer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (46), 2012.

 Titcombe, M. New Particle Formation: Sufluric Acid and Amine Chemical Nucleation, Chemistry, University of Minnesota, PhD, 2012.

 Titcombe, M. and Simcik, M. Personal and indoor exposure to PM2.5 and PAHs in the southern highlands of Tanzania: A pilot scale study, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, volume 180 (1-4), 2011.

Zhao, J., Eisele, F.L., Titcombe, M., Kuang, C., McMurry, P.H. A chemical ionization mass spectrometer for measurements of atmospheric neutral clusters: the cluster-CIMS, Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, 115, 2010.


Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Global Climate Change (EV128)
  • Introduction to Earth Systems Science (EV155)
  • Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles (EV211)
  • Energy: Environmental Thermodynamics & Energetics (EV212)
  • Water: Hydrology, Aquatic Chemistry & Ecology (EV311)
  • Air: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry (EV431)
  • Independent Research in Environmental Science (EV410 & EV493)
  • Independent Research in Environmental Science (EV493)
  • Senior Thesis (EV499)