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Environmental Policy Major

The requirements for fulfillment of the EV policy major were updated in spring 2013, and we are currently transitioning to the updated track.

In 2014-2015:

First and second year students (classes of 2017 and 2018) will be governed by the updated (current) major requirements.

Juniors (class of 2016) will be governed by the updated (current) major requirements, unless they declared the old major during the 2013-14 academic year.

Seniors (graduating December 2014 or Spring 2015) are governed by the old major requirements.

Updated Environmental Policy Major Requirements 

15 units total (13 required + 2 electives)


Introductory framework: (2 units)

  • EV128 Introduction to Global Climate Change 
  • EV141 Sustainable Development 


Natural Sciences/Quantitative (3 units)

  • EV211 Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles or

EV209 Ecology and the Environment

  • MA126 Calculus 1 (or equivalent)
  • MA117 Probability and Statistics (or equivalent)


Economics (2 units)

  • EC150 Principles of Economics, or

EC151 Principles of Microeconomics and EC152 Principles of Macroeconomics


Domestic Policy (2 units)

  • EV271 Environmental Policy                                                            
  • EV373/PS321 Public Policymaking


International Environmental Policy (1 unit)

  • EV374 Environmental Law and Policy for the Global Commons or PS356 Global Environmental Policy or SW301 Political Ecology of the Southwest or SO130 Environmental Sociology


Environmental Humanities (1 unit)

  • EV255 Nature and Society or EV281 Environmental Ethics or EV221 Environmental Inquiry


Thematic Electives (2 units)

  • These electives must be chosen with your advisor, and at least one must be at the 300-400 level.
  • These are in addition to courses taken to fulfill the requirements above. However, courses from the list above may serve as electives, as long as they are not “double-counted.”  A student interested in international environmental policy, for example, might take EV 374 to fulfill the requirement and PS 356 as an elective.


Examples (for illustration, many other options are possible):

  • EC207 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and EC404 Natural Resource Economics
  • EV 209 Ecology and EV341 Ecological Economics
  • EV260 Restoration Ecology and BY308 Advanced Ecology
  • EV277 Ecofeminism and SW301 Political Ecology of the Southwest
  • EV222 Quantitative Methods in Environmental Science and a thematic focus course


Capstones (2 units, plus Senior Seminar)      

  • EV321 Environmental Management
  • EV421 Environmental Synthesis or EV 420 Senior Paper or EV499 Thesis

  • In addition, all students must take the year-long Senior Seminar (EV 490), which is graded pass/fail and carries 0 units of credit.


Old Environmental Policy Major Requirements

 16 units total.


  • Introduction to Global Climate Change (EV128)
  • Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles (EV211)
  • Calculus I (MA126)
  • Analysis of Environmental Data (EV228) or Biostatistics and Experimental Design (BY220) or Probability and Statistics (MA117) or Probability and Statistical Modeling (MA217)
  • Principles of Economics (EC150, 2 units) or Principles of Microeconomics (EC151) and Principles of Macroeconomics (EC152)
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (EC207)
  • Public Policymaking (PS321/EV373, 2 units)



Environmental Ethics (EV281/PH246) or Nature and Society (EV275) or Environmental History (EV273) or Ecofeminism (FG215) or Environmental Sociology (EV130)


Introduction to International Political Economy (PS375/EC375) or Democracy and Markets (PS 306) or Introduction to International Development (PS 253, pending course approval by the faculty) or Global Environmental Policy (PS 356, pending course approval by the faculty)


Environmental Law and Policy for the Global Commons (EV374/ PS324) or Environmental Policy (EV271) or Environmental Health and Security (PS358, pending course approval by the faculty)


Political Ecology of the Southwest (SW301) or Ecological Economics and Sustainability (EV341/EC341/SW341) or Global Environmental Economics (EC335) or Advanced Topics in Economics: Global Environmental Economics (EC390) or Economic Development (EC337) or Public Finance (EC330) or International Trade (EC342) or Natural Resource Economics (EC404)

CAPSTONES (3 units + Senior Seminar):

Environmental Inquiry (EV 221)

Environmental Management (EV 321)

Environmental Synthesis (EV 421) or Senior Thesis (EV 499) or Senior Paper (EV420) 

Senior Seminar (EV 490, pass/fall, 0 units)

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