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Environmental Policy Major

Environmental Policy major (updated 4.20.15)
15 total units (13 required + 2 elective units)

Introductory framework: (2 units)

EV128 Introduction to Global Climate Change 

EV141 Sustainable Development 

Natural Sciences/Quantitative (3 units)

EV211 Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles or EV209 Ecology and the Environment

MA126 Calculus 1 (or equivalent)

MA117 Probability and Statistics (or equivalent)

Economics (2 units)

EC150 Principles of Economics or EC151 Principles of Microeconomics and EC152 Principles of Macroeconomics or EC 201 Economic Theory I.

* Note: The Economics Department will not be teaching EC 150, EC 151, or EC 152 after spring 2015.  During the transition, students who have taken EC 151 or EC 152, but not both, can complete the requirement by taking EC 201 Economic Theory I.                                   

Domestic Policy (2 units)

EV271 Environmental Policy or EV 274 Environmental Politics & Policy                                     

EV373/PS321 Public Policymaking (1 unit)

International Environmental Policy (1 unit)

EV374 Environmental Law and Policy for the Global Commons or PS356 Global Environmental Policy or SW301 Political Ecology of the Southwest or SO130 Environmental Sociology

Environmental Humanities (1 unit)

EV255 Nature and Society or EV281 Environmental Ethics or EV221 Environmental Inquiry

Thematic electives (2 units)

1 unit must be 300 or 400 level; both are to be chosen with your advisor.

Note: After your advisor approves your electives, please send an email to the current EV Program Director, your advisor, and Sharon Neely ( to confirm your plan.  We will enter this information in your academic file.


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Examples (for illustration – you need not adopt any of these options):

EV 335 Environmental Economics + EV341 Ecological Economics

EV 277 Ecofeminism + SW301 Political Ecology of the Southwest

EV 272 Cities, Sustainability, & Environmental Justice + EV 374 Environmental Law & Policy for the Global Commons

Capstones (2)

EV321 Environmental Management

EV421 Environmental Synthesis, EV 420 Senior Paper, or EV499 Thesis