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Research/Independent Study

Keck Consortium for Undergraduate Research in Geology has allowed many of our students to take part in consortium-sponsored and -funded research projects. Other students have worked closely with department faculty members on research projects, and still others have developed research projects on their own. This work is often partially supported by college and departmental funds set aside for student research.

The department also sponsors an internship program, under which students may receive a block of independent study credit for research done off campus under the supervision of established academic, government, or industry geologists.

Colorado College Senior Research in Geology 

Students Glacier

Other upper-level courses (economic geology, geophysics, hydrology, and others) include substantial field components as well.

The Block Plan has allowed us to offer courses in Scotland, New Zealand, Japan, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Argentina, the Bahamas, and the Canadian Rockies, as well as throughout the American West.

A geology major at Colorado College will spend about 60 days in the field fulfilling basic requirements, and can do as much additional field work as time and interest allow.