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The History Major offers...

  • An introduction to the basic story and values from the global community.
  • The study of the principal methods and values found in historiography.
  • An emphasis on the methods of research, including familiarity with traditional and contemporary technologies, especially those of the computer age.
  • An emphasis on written, oral (and audio visual) and multi-media expression appropriate to the practices of historical study.
  • A program through which the student major can progress in familiarity and sophistication with the perspectives, methods and composition of historical studies and the historical experience of one region of the world.

The department recognizes the importance of introducing students to issues shaping the world in which they live. Its members seek to encourage students to reflect upon their own perspectives upon these issues. They also desire to promote critical thinking both through written assignments and through seminar-style classroom discussion, small group projects and tutorial sessions. The department recognizes that its members may pursue these mission goals in varying combinations and with a disparate set of methods.

In general, courses in the department require:

  • Attention to primary historical sources.
  • Engagement in classroom discussion evaluating these sources in terms of modern perspectives.
  • Substantial writing in research papers, critical commentaries, or essay examinations.