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Course Requirements

Check out our PDF worksheet to help you track your progress through the major.

A student majoring in history must take a minimum of 11 units, including an introductory course, at least 6 units at the 200- or 300-levels, HY 399: Junior Seminar, and a 2-block senior sequence. With the 6 elective units students must satisfy the departmental Time Distribution requirement (2 units) and the departmental Geographic Distribution requirement (3 units). The Department strongly recommends foreign language competence beyond the intermediate level.

Students must take:

• Introductory Course (1 course): 1 two-block course at the 100-level.

• Minimum of 6 elective units at the 200- or 300-levels. Within these 6 units, students must satisfy the following departmental requirements:

• Time Distribution (2 courses): At least 1 course addressing a period up through the eighteenth century, and 1 course addressing a period from the eighteenth century forward. **Note: may also count toward geographic distribution

• Geographic Distribution (3 courses): At least 1 course in each of the three regions: Europe, United States, and World (Africa, East and South Asia, Latin America, Middle East). **Note: may also count toward period distribution.

• Junior Seminar: Studying History (HY 399).

• Senior Sequence (2 courses): HY 410 Advanced Seminar and HY 420 Senior Essay (two, 1-unit courses taken in consecutive blocks during the senior year). Students have the opportunity to write a Senior Thesis in lieu of the Senior Essay. This option requires departmental approval and a 3-unit Senior Sequence (HY 410, HY 430, HY 431). Students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.6 within the major may submit their Senior Essay or Senior Thesis for distinction.