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Math Minor

(Download a Minoring in Mathematics Handout)

To minor in mathematics, a student must either:

Successfully complete one of the 8 designated “options for a minor in mathematics” listed below.


Successfully complete a mathematics minor designed in consultation with a department member and approved by the department. A plan for a minor must be approved by the department by the end of the 1st block of the student’s senior year.

  • Statistics: MA204, (MA217 or MA218/EV228), MA220, MA313, and MA417
  • Applied Variations: MA204, MA220, MA315, and two of (MA313, MA316, MA311, or MA318)
    • Including the MA311 option would constitute a Mathematical Physics minor.
  • Analysis Variations: MA204, MA220, MA251, MA375, and (MA315, MA376, or MA417)
  • Discrete: (MA201 or MA202), MA220, MA251, MA325, and (CP222, or MA321, CS majors must select the MA321 option)
  • Algebra: MA204, MA220, MA251, MA321, and MA322
  • Pure: MA204, MA220, MA251, MA300, and (MA321 or MA375)
  • Mathematical Biology: MA204, MA256, MA220, MA315, and (MA313 or MA316)
  • Modeling: MA204, MA217, MA220, MA313, and MA315