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Resources for Students - Religion
Links to sites on religion and spirituality.

Academic Information
Links to academic resources in religious studies, including on-line degree programs, maintained by independent scholar, Mike Madin, supported by on-line advertising.
Source of current statistical information about major religions.

American Academy of Religion
Home page of the primary professional society for scholars of religion.

American Christianity
Research projects sponsored by the Religion Division of the Lilly Endowment.
Links to texts from Harvard Classics, Bullfinch's Mythology, Fraser's The Sacred Bough, and other sources, including modern works in philosophy and theology.

Information about current religious developments in the United States.

Big Religion Chart
Admittedly limited attempt to compare beliefs and practices of 42 "belief systems" by summaries arranged in a grid: interesting, but for quick reference only.

Buddha Net
Sponsored by Buddha Dharma Education Association, this site includes links to information on many different branches of the Buddhist tradition.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Links to public domain translations of ancient and medieval texts by Church fathers and mothers.

Christianity Today
The official site of Christianity Today, the foremost magazine of evangelical Christianity.

Encyclopedia Britannica
Type in "religion" to locate information available in the on-line edition, as well as recent Yearbooks.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
On-line Encyclopedia of Religion and Society, with table of contents in alphabetical order, sponsored by Hartford Institute of Religious Research, Hartford Seminary (Connecticut) and edited by William H. Swatos, Jr.

Internet Guide to Religion
Rich source of sites on religious traditions; biblical studies; relation of religion to other aspects of culture, such as art, politics, social ethics; and religious pedagogy, sponsored by the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion.

Internet Public Library
Links to sites included in the Librarians Internet Index.

Islam Worldwide
Designed for both Muslims and non-Muslims, this site contains information on the global Muslim community (ummah), including current events.

Islamic World
Links to classic texts, historical information, contemporary movements, sponsored by the Khalifah Project, seeking to integrate Islamic faith with reason and science.

Jewish Resources 
Links to academic resources on Judaism, current news, and Jewish social networks, maintained as a personal service by Andrew Tannenbaum.

Mysticism Resources Page
Links to information about traditional and modern forms of spirituality,

Pluralism Project
Rich source of information about inter-religious dialogue and the comparative study of religious traditions and communities, directed by Diana Eck of Harvard University.

Religious Diversity News
Searchable database of articles on religion in public media from 1997 to present, sponsored by the Pluralism Project of Harvard University.

Religious Resources
Directory of links to information on major religious traditions, compiled by Susan Brumbaugh and posted by Stan Taylor, co-owners of Aphid Communications.

Religious Studies Web Guide
Resources organized by format (bibliographies, images, texts), religious traditions, and topics, maintained by Saundra Lipton (University of Calgary Library) and Cheryl Adams (Library of Congress).

Religious Tolerance
Links to over 5,000 essays on topics related to inter-faith understanding, sponsored by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Religious Worlds
Information about world religions, maintained by Gene R. Thursby, professor emeritus of University of Florida and author of books on Hinduism and new religions.

Society of Biblical Literature
Home page of primary professional society for the academic study of Jewish and Christian scriptures and related ancient texts.

Studying Religion
Site maintained by Russell McCutcheon and students at University of Alabama, on theory and method of religious studies, including capsule biographies of major theorists.

World Council of Churches
Home page of the World Council of Churches with links to information about its more than 340 churches, denominations, and fellowships in over 100 countries and territories, representing 400 million Christians.