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O'Connor Lecture

The Annual Daniel Patrick O'Connor Memorial Lecture exists to promote the principles of scholarship, research, and volunteerism in the service for social justice. The Daniel Patrick O'Connor Memorial Lectureship Endowed Fund is made possible through generous contributions from Margaret O'Connor, Michael and Kathie O'Connor, and their friends.

2015-16 O'Connor Lecture
Jay MacLeod

Jay MacLeod

Poor and Poor in Spirit: Sociology, Spirituality and the Struggle for Justice

Monday, February 22, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

McHugh Commons, Colorado College

Jay MacLeod graduated from Kearsarge Regional High School in New Hampshire in 1979. As a college student, he founded a youth enrichment program in a low-income housing development and wrote his senior thesis on two contrasting groups of teenagers. The study was published as Ain’t No Makin’ It which became a best-selling sociology textbook. After studying at Harvard and Oxford Universities, Jay worked as a community organizer in rural Mississippi for four years. He was ordained priest in the Church of England in 1993 and served parishes in British mining and mill towns. Combining pastoral care with community organizing, MacLeod’s ministry in Bedford, England became a model for interfaith cooperation. He worked closely with members of the mosques and gurdwara to engage disaffected teenagers through sport, music and oral history. In 2013 Jay moved back to New Hampshire with his British wife Sally Asher and their three children — Asher, Kate and Toby. He is Rector of the Episcopal Church of Saint Andrew and lives in Wilmot Flat around the corner from his parents.

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Daniel Patrick O'Connor

Dan O'Connor was a student at Colorado College in the fall of 1990 and winter of 1991. A committed social activist, he participated in student campus organizations concerned with environmental issues in ethnic communities as well as other social justice struggles. He participated in the student protests against Battle Mountain Gold's strip mine and cyanide leach mill in the foothills above the Chicano land grant community of San Luis. He also participated in the "alternative spring break" program of the College's Center for Community Service in the San Luis Valley. Dan was committed to workplace democracy, environmental justice, cultural diversity, and social equality.

"I knew that I wanted to change the world at least a little bit.... I didn't believe that any political system could create a good society. 'Change has to come through the heart, not through the mind,' I would say. I wanted to affect people's hearts. I began to paint more and tried to raise my own life to an art form. By this, I mean simply to be as just as possible in my relationships with other people.... I now believe that change can only come through a synthesis of the heart and the mind. I continue to feel an ethical code is necessary to live by, but now I include in this code, political activity.... I am compelled to hit the streets and make my voice heard."

--Daniel Patrick O'Connor, 1991