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Major & Minor Requirements

Applicable for the 2016-2017 academic year.


A major in Southwest studies requires a minimum of 13.0 units and a maximum of 15 units, including:

  • Geography “core” course: SW272 - 1 unit
  • Language Requirement: Spanish 201 or equivalent
  • Two appropriate methods/theory courses: 2 units (many of these have prerequisites):  AN215; CO300; CO391; EN250; EV222; EV228; FG311; HY399; MU393; PS321; SO229; SW301 or others by petition 
  • Five units of electives from approved list: Students should choose electives that prepare them for their senior projects (see program advisors for current list)
  • Junior research seminar: SW 395; Prerequisite:  COI - 1 unit
  • Senior capstone project: SW400-401; Prerequisite:  COI - 6 units in the major and approved methods course - 2 units (1 unit for SW400 and 1 unit for SW401)


A minor in Southwest studies requires a minimum of 7 or a maximum of 8 units including:

  • FYE/SW175 OR SW272
  • Language requirement: Spanish 101 or equivalent - 2 units 
  • Four units of electives from Approved List of Courses