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Off-Campus Study

Financial Aid and Billing

Colorado College will provide the same proportion of financial aid received at CC to follow students on all off-campus study programs that the College offers or approves: Colorado College semesters abroad, Exchange programs, ACM programs, and all Approved (third-party) programs.

Students pay Colorado College the actual program costs for any off-campus study program that is on the college's list of off-campus study options. For students receiving aid, the Colorado College grants and scholarships will follow in the same proportion to the student's current CC grants and scholarships.

For example, if Colorado College grants and scholarships typically provide 50% of a student's total cost of attendance at CC, the CC grants and scholarships will continue to provide the same proportion toward the cost of attendance of any program that costs less or the same as the same term of study at CC. If the off-campus program costs more than the CC does, then the College will not provide more than it would have to attend CC for that same academic duration.

You may use this Study Abroad Cost Information Worksheet to figure out how much aid you are likely to receive towards your chosen off-campus study program. Schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Office for additional review and information specific to your award package.

Billing for Off-Campus Study

All billing and payment for off-campus study are handled through your CC Student Account, with the exception of the initial confirmation deposit. Students are responsible for paying any confirmation deposit directly to the program (if this is a burden, and you receive financial aid from Colorado College, check with your CC Financial Aid advisor for options). Following the initial confirmation deposit, the tuition and program fee for your semester or year off-campus will be billed through your student account at CC, in accordance with the actual costs of the program. All CC programs and exchanges are billed CC tuition costs.

Administrative Fee for Off-Campus Study

When students study off-campus on Approved (third-party) programs, they are not paying any Colorado College tuition, however, many offices still provide support and services to these students. In order to defray some of the costs of these services, students studying abroad on Approved programs will be assessed a $300 administrative fee, charged to a student's account.


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