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Student Employment

Quick Reference

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Student Employment Referral Form

Job Listings Page

Job Description Template

Student Employment Packet (I9, W4, Direct Deposit)

EPAF Manual

International Student Employment Packet

Steps to approve timesheet

Handbook for Students

2017-18 Supervisor Training PPT

Student Handbook Acknowledgement 

 Handbook for Supervisors

Payroll Calendar

Supervisor Handbook Acknowledgement 

Proxy Set Up Directions

Payroll Calendar

Student Employment Overview

Most, but not all, students receive work-study or institutional employment as part of their financial aid award. Federal and Colorado governments provide employment funding (work-study) to the college for eligible students. Because of these funding sources, the college asks campus employers to give preference in hiring to students with federal or state work-study eligibility, or to students who have institutional student employment as part of their financial aid award.

2018-19 Fall/Spring jobs (08/27/18 through 05/21/19): You must be a current student and enrolled at least half-time in order to be employed.

Student Employment Work Flow

Student Employment Work Flow 2018-19 August 2018

How To Find A Job

The college makes every effort to provide an employment opportunity, but the student is responsible for finding a job. Students must be enrolled at least half time to be able to work. Some, but not all,  employment positions are posted and can be viewed on the student job listings page.

The CC Career Center provides professional and career development coaching services to help support our students in attaining employment opportunities. For more information on the CC Career Center please visit  the main web page here.

For non-CC affiliated job listings provided by the Career Center please visit the job/internship database here.

After Finding A Job

Once you are hired but before you start working, you must:

1. Complete the New Employee Packet listed above 

2. Have your supervisor fill out the Student Employment Referral Form. 

Logging Your Hours

To log in your hours and submit timesheets, you must log in to Self-Service Banner, click on Employee tab, and then choose Timesheet. From the drop down menu, select the correct pay period and start entering your hours. 

For any timesheet questions, please contact the Student Employment and Communications Manager, Kristen Clinton, in the Financial Aid Office: 719-389-6908.

Please remember that timesheets MUST be submitted to your supervisor by the deadline given on the Payroll Calendar. Failure to do so will cause your paycheck/direct deposit to be delayed and you may be in a risk of losing your job.

You may notice a time when a timesheet is no longer available. This happens right after the pay period's end in order for the Payroll Office to process these timesheets but it will re-open in 2-3 business days.

Getting Paid

Colorado College pays student employees on semi-monthly basis. Checks or direct deposits go out on the 15th and the end of each month. If you do not submit your timesheet on time, you will not get paid on time and rather will have to wait until the next pay date.

Paychecks will be delivered to your Worner box if you do not have direct deposit set up or to your designated bank account if direct deposit is set up.

It is the student's responsibility to be sure to submit all necessary paperwork in order to get paid. If you find ANY job on campus (RA, FYE mentor, Lifeguard, etc.), you must make sure that you have student employment paperwork on file before starting your job.

For complete information about Student Employment, please read through the Student Employment Handbook posted above.