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Meet your Admission Representative

The Recruitment Team

Erika Blauth

Erika Blauth
Senior Assistant Director
(719) 389-7151

From: Camden, Maine
Bachelor's in Psychology (Bates College), Master's in Higher Education (Harvard University)
Admissions programs/projects: Athletics, Transfer Students
States: DC, MD, ME, NH, NY, VA, VT
Colorado counties: Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer, Weld

Why CC: CC is always pushing boundaries. To me, one of the coolest aspects of this tradition is how the block plan opens up a world of opportunities (literally!) for students to do field study and study abroad. This is not your generic middle-school field trip, either. (Think: studying renaissance art history in Florence and astronomy at CC’s Baca Campus in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.)
Hobbies: Perfecting the art of making guacamole; playing with other people’s dogs; listening to live music; adventuring in and around the mountains; and learning how to play the ukulele. You might also find me on the tennis court. 
Favorite place on campus:
Rastall patio = lunch with a view
Favorite meal in Rastall:
Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad 
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs:
Little Nepal
Advice for CC applicants:
Make an effort to talk to current students here at CC and at any other institutions you’re seriously considering. They’ll give you an authentic, real-time look into what it’s like to be a part of their college community. Pro tip: think of thoughtful questions to ask them that you wouldn’t find the answer to on the website or other college resources.

Matt Bonser

Matt Bonser '98
Director of Admission – Systems, Operations, and International
(719) 389-6345

From: Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR
Education: Bachelor’s in Political Science and Spanish (Colorado College)
Admission programs/projects: Systems, operations, and international. I travel for the 8 of the Best program in the spring. 
States: Northern California
International: Southeastern Asia
Why CC: I was looking for a school where I could pay full attention to each of the classes I was taking rather than spread my attention across many.
Favorite place on campus: The labyrinth
Advice for CC applicants: Tell a great story, own your experience, and give us insight into who you are and who you want to become.

Molly Cammell

Molly Cammell
Admission Coordinator

From: Crystal Lake, IL
Education: Bachelor’s in Communication with a concentration in Media Management (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)
Hobbies: Watching Netflix, playing with my dog Georgia, hanging out with my husband, finding treasures at thrift stores, reading, specialty coffee.
Favorite meal in Rastall: Anything Italian! Also, Peach Day!!!
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: The Principal’s Office — they have excellent coffee!
Advice for CC applicants: Read the admission pages on the website thoroughlyespecially the FAQ pages! It’s likely your questions will be answered there before you call/email us. But feel free to call or email! We’d love to chat with you!

Leah Fugere

Leah Fugere '12
Senior Assistant Director

From: Grand Junction, CO
Education: Bachelor’s in Political Science with a minor in Resource Systems of the American West (Colorado College)
Admissions programs/projects: Counselor Relations, Open House programs, CO Recruitment Coordinator, Transcript Review, Waiting List, Athletics
States: AK, Southern CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, WY
Colorado counties: Delta, Garfield, Gilpin, Grand, Gunnison, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Montrose, Rio Blanco, Routt
International: Africa
Hobbies: Rock climbing, botany, throwing pottery on the wheel, exploring and traveling with my dog, and frequenting small-town music and food festivals
Favorite places on campus: I love the view of the Rockies from the McHugh Alumni Plaza, watching a snowstorm roll across campus from the quiet of the Olin Fishbowl, the train station-feel of Palmer Hall, and the weighty silence of Shove Chapel on a weekday morning.
Favorite meal in Rastall: A big salad with the WORKS and herb vinaigrette.
Advice for CC applicants: Be excited about what you love. Whether your passion is C4 photosynthesis, book binding techniques of the 14th century, or quantum mechanics, tell us! Let your passion become our passion. Bring your full self to CC, starting with your application.

Cari Hanrahan

Cari Hanrahan
Senior Assistant Director of Admission for Operations
(719) 389-6851

From: A lot of places! Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota, Milwaukee, and now Colorado Springs.
Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology (Carleton College)
Admissions programs/projects: Community Based Organizations, GOAL Interns, QuestBridge, Middle States Recruitment Coordinator, Funded Campus Visits, Summer Bridge Program
Territories: DE, NJ, PA
Hobbies: I'm happiest when I'm moving — you can find me outside cycling, playing ultimate, running, hiking, or climbing. I also read (not just applications!), and always carry a book on me.
Favorite place on campus: On the second floor of Cutler, there's a balcony with a tiny table and two chairs. It's basically my second office.
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: 2 South. So, so good.
Advice for CC applicants: BE YOURSELF. That’s not a joke. Are you weird? Quiet? Have 4 ½ toes? Perfect! Just be yourself, really.

Mark Hatch, Vice President for Enrollment

Mark Hatch
Vice President for Enrollment

Where are you from:  Castine, ME
Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology (Bates College), Master's in Education (Harvard University)
Why did you choose CC: I arrived at CC in 2001 after having several previous jobs in education, including work in admission as Assistant Dean of Admission at Bates College and Director of Admission at Colorado College. I also served as a teacher and college counselor at Harvard-Westlake and Marlborough Schools in Los Angeles.  I kept hearing about the unique and dynamic curriculum at CC and I have been amazed at how authentic and deep the engagement is between students and professors.  The people at CC are truly remarkablesmart, humble, and serious about education but they collaborativenot competitiveand fun to be around!
Hobbies:  I play ice hockey and enjoy mountain running.
Favorite place on campus: Cutler Hall, of course!
Favorite meal in Rastall: Global Stationalways delicious.
Advice for CC applicants: Take your own pulse and own the process. The school that was right for your father, sister, or close friend may not be the best place for you.  Enjoy the process and remember that college life can be amazing. 

Patrick Hull

Patrick Hull
Enrollment Systems Administrator

From: Columbia, MO has my heart
Education: BS from University of Missouri, Columbia (Summa Cum Laude)
Admissions programs/projects: Data and Enrollment Systems administration
Why CC: Because CC has the same colors as my beloved alma mater. Also, CC gave me a wonderful chance. 
Favorite place on campus: The balcony on Cutler Hall.  The view is incredible! 
Favorite meal in Rastall: I like their pizzait is surprisingly good. 
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Jake & Telly's
Advice for CC applicants: Avoid using nicknames on your application.

Brittany Jackson

Brittany Jackson
Admission Coordinator

From: Colorado Springs, CO
Education: Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture (CU Boulder)
Admissions programs/projects: Communications, Multicultural Open House, QuestBridge, Visitation and Class Visits
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, hiking with my red heeler, and playing tourist.
Favorite place on campus: McHugh Alumni Plaza
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Ted's Montana Grill
Advice for CC applicants: Visit campus! And don’t be afraid to ask questions while you're here.

Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez '04
Director of Admission - Outreach and Recruitment

From: Aurora, CO
Education: Bachelor’s in American Political Science and History (Colorado College)
Admissions programs/projects: Outreach & Recruitment Initiatives (first year and transfer), New England Recruitment Coordinator, 8 of the Best Fall program
Territories: CT
Why CC: A combination of the unique opportunities provided by the Block Plan for in depth discussion based learning and field study, strong political science and history departments as well as the close knit community environment.
Hobbies: Basketball, Biking (Colorado Springs has over 100 miles of bike trails), reading, and spending time with my wife and kids!
Favorite place on campus: Shove - It can be the center of community for the college with gatherings of faculty, staff and students to celebrate key moments in the school year like honors convocation as well as provide those same community members a moment of solitude and piece in a beautiful Gothic church setting.
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Paravicini's for Italian, Over Easy for Breakfast/Lunch.
Advice for CC applicants: Spend time thinking about and writing your Colorado College supplement, this allows us to gain insight into how you think and how your intellectual curiosity could play out on the Block Plan.

Heather Jones

Heather Jones
Executive Assistant to VP

Where are you from: Michigan but have lived in Colorado Springs for 18 years
Education: Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice
Hobbies:  Thrift store shopping, yard sales, road trips (there are so many wonderful thing to see and explore in Colorado), Walking Dead, reading when I can, wine tasting.
Favorite place on campus: The big tree outside my window. Laying in grass in the shade after my lunchtime wog (a cross between a walk and a jog because I hate running).
Favorite meal in Rastall: The amazing salad bar...and French fries of course!!
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Xiangs...this hole in the wall Chinese place that is so delicious!
Advice for CC applicants:  Have fun, be yourself, make as many friends and possible, enjoy your 4 years and call home often....this is the most important time of your life so make the best of it!

Casey Knowlton

Casey Knowlton
Assistant Director

From: Marietta, OH
Bachelor's in Advertising & Public Relations (Marietta College)
Admissions programs/projects: Email campaigns
States: IA, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WV
Colorado counties: Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, Pitkin, Summit
Why CC: Above anything else, CC embodies a sense of adventure – both academically and socially – that transcends the mere four-year experience. I’m thrilled to be part of such a collaborative, intellectual, caring, supportive and exciting campus community. Also, MOUNTAINS!
Hobbies: Listening to and playing music, cooking and eating new foods, camping, daily walks/hikes with my wife and dog, and rooting for all things Cleveland!
Favorite place on campus: Packard Hall, I am a sucker for great music programs.
Favorite meal in Rastall: Rastall breakfast is fantastic, never underestimate breakfast.
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: I have quickly been made a believer of Shuga’s and their Jalapeño-Bacon-Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese.
Advice for CC applicants: If you aren’t enjoying your college search, you are likely doing it wrong. Though the process can be stressful, remember to have fun, visit several different campuses, eat at a lot of different dining halls (you’ll find that, in particular, to be crucial), and embrace your curiosity!

Holly Murdock

Holly Murdock
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications

From: Ogden, Utah
Education: Associate’s in Visual Arts (Ricks College), Bachelor’s in Communications - PR Emphasis and Master's in Mass Communication (BYU)
Admissions programs/projects: Communications & Marketing, Southern States Recruitment Coordinator, Summer Session Liaison
States: AZ, UT
Hobbies: I am a reluctant runner. I read voraciously, cook, draw, play word games and ping pong, write, sleep, hang out with my sweetheart, and attempt to raise some kids. 
Favorite place on campus: The Pinetum. There's something about the solitude of the random plot of land at the edge of campus that features just trees.
Favorite meal in Rastall: I never know until I go that day, hence the joy of all those choices.
Advice for CC applicants: Take a deep breath. Sure, choosing a college is a big deal, but in ten years you'll be a completely different person and life will have moved on in great ways regardless of what institution you chose or how spit-polished your essays were or what outfit you wore to your college interview. Work hard, but keep perspective.

Megan Rhodes

Megan Rhodes
Associate Director, Coordinator of International Admission

From: New Hampshire
Education: Master's in International Public Policy (Johns Hopkins University); Bachelor's in Asian Studies (Phi Beta Kappa, Skidmore College)
Admissions programs/projects: International outreach and recruitment
States: OR, WA
International: Asia, Latin America, Canada
Why CC: I love our distinctiveness—as our President says, we attract a special type of student here.  A student who seeks an innovative approach to learning with the Block Plan, and appreciates our amazing location in the Rocky Mountain West.
Hobbies: NPR zealot; foodie; frequent Tutt library visitor; getting my vitamin D (sun-oriented soul); marathon running; hiking; traveling; and practicing my interesting version of Chinese.
Favorite place on campus: The picnic bench by Washburn field
Favorite meal in Rastall: Anything involving hummus, cheese, avocados and artichoke hearts.
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: The Burrowing Owl
Advice for CC applicants: Consider the college interview as a two-way interviewinterview your interviewer! This is a terrific opportunity to gage fit for a school.  Do your homework first and ask questions not easily located on the website—make the most of the opportunity. Plus, this mindset is an empowering (and hopefully less intimidating) approach to the interview.


Alejandro Salazar '16
Admission Counselor / Coordinator

From: Centennial, Colorado
Education: Bachelor's in Neuroscience (Colorado College)
Admissions programs/projects: Merit scholarship programs
Colorado counties:
Why CC: Opportunity. CC was the payoff for the sacrifices my parents made. I’m the first in my family to graduate from college, and we’re so thankful it happened here. It gave me a sense of belonging, the independence to think critically, the ability to travel the world, the leadership to overcome obstacles, and the courage to own my experience. I came back so that I could share this amazing opportunity with others.   
Hobbies: Netflix, clearance aisle shopping, playing with my dog Leslie, spending time with family, and occasionally biking and playing tennis.  
Favorite place on campus: Top of Shove Chapel
Favorite meal in Rastall: soft serve ice cream 
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Azadas
Advice for CC applicants: Tell us who you are by saying why you are. Your transcript, extracurricular activities, and awards tell us the what, when, and where. I want to know the why.


William Schiffelbein
Assistant Director

Where are you from: Colorado Springs, CO
Education: Bachelor’s in Political Science (University of Northern Colorado)
Admissions programs/projects: Transfer Students, Data, Overnight Hosting
States: NM
Colorado counties: Alamosa, Baca, Bent, Conejos, Costilla, Crowley, Huerfano, Kiowa, Las Animas, Mineral, Otero, Prowers, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Saguache

International: Europe, Russia
Hobbies: Reading with a side of Netflix binge
Favorite place on campus: The cardio gym's great view of Pikes Peak
Favorite meal in Rastall: Pulled pork sandwiches
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: Jack Quinn’s
Advice for CC applicants: Show passion in your essay, but don't neglect structure or grammar.

Ali Springer

Ali Springer '07
Associate Director

From: Tucson, AZ
Bachelor’s in Sociology and Education Studies (Colorado College), Master’s in Higher Education (University of Denver)
Admissions programs/projects: Training, Alumni Programs, Midwestern Recruitment Coordinator, Scholars Programs, Visitation Coordinator
States: IL, WI
Colorado counties: Jefferson, Douglas

Why CC: I visited several times and had never been surrounded by so many happy and intelligent people. It seemed like a great campus community to join for four years.
Hobbies: Playing with my nephew, running, exploring Colorado, coffee, collecting giraffe items.
Favorite place on campus:
Top of Washburn Field — you can't beat that view!
Favorite meal in Rastall:
Coconut curry
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs:
Adam's Mountain Café
Advice for CC applicants:
Spend a lot of time, thought, and effort on the supplemental essays.


Carly Stafford '16
Admission Counselor

From: Littleton, Colorado
Bachelor's in Neuroscience and Bachelor's in Classics (Colorado College)
Admissions programs/projects: Alumni Program, Merit Scholarship Programs
States: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX
Colorado counties: Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Yuma

Why CC: Colorado College is one of the most meaningful places to me. I love the energy of the campus, the ambitious and innovative attitudes of the students, the caring and compassionate mindsets of the professors, and the general spirit of being surrounded by so many phenomenal and unique individuals. The view of Pikes Peak isn’t so bad either. After four incredible years here as a student, I wanted nothing more than to share the love and enthusiasm I have for CC, and to help high school students discover this beautiful place that has changed my life immeasurably. 
Hobbies: Skiing, swing dancing, hiking, exploring, getting lost, laughing, biking, napping, translating Ancient Greek texts, Gouda cheese
Favorite place on campus:
Cossitt Amphitheater
Favorite meal in Rastall:
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs:
Spice Island Grill
Advice for CC applicants:
At the age of 17 or 18, you are likely an expert on only one thing: yourself. You know more about yourself than anyone in the whole world, and it’s YOU we want to get to know and understand—not some preconceived notion about what kind of student you think we are looking for. Be yourself. Show us how your presence will benefit CC and how CC will benefit you. Take risks, push the envelope, get to know CC, and express why you want to be part of this unique, vivacious community. 


Kolby Stallings
Assistant Director

From: Long Beach, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado
Education: Bachelor's in History and Master's in Student Affairs in Higher Education (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
Admissions programs/projects: Funded Campus Visits, Social Media, Communications & Marketing
Colorado counties: Denver
Hobbies: Basketball, bowling, ultimate frisbee, working out, binging whatever is good on Netflix, and spending time with my dogs and family!
Favorite place on campus: On top of Shove, it has the best view of campus, and you can see Garden of the Gods from up there.
Favorite meal in Rastall: Anything during weekend brunch! Ugh, now I am hungry!
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: I can’t choose just one, so here are my top three:  L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Pho-nomenal, and You-Ka Café (All equally amazing!)
Advice for CC applicants: Make sure you are visiting different college campuses to get a sense of the actual campus and the community. Interview as a senior/ transfer student if you are able to on campus or if we are in your area.

Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh
Senior Assistant Director

From: Rochester, NY
Education: Bachelor’s of Arts in History with minors in Government and Educational Studies (St. Lawrence University)
Admissions programs/projects: Student Fellows Program, Domestic Initiatives Coordinator, Print Communications
States: MA, RI
Colorado counties: Archuleta, Dolores, Hinsdale, La Plata, Montezuma, Ouray, San Juan, San Miguel
Why CC: I chose CC because the people on a college campus can make or break the sense of community a school has. I was glad to find out that CC has the perfect mix of energetic, outgoing, hard-working, and kind people that make up the type of place I want to work!
Hobbies: Music is a major passion of mine, and often surprise others with the drastic breath of my palate when it comes to enjoying different types of music! I am a reluctant runner, and mostly enjoy it as an opportunity to get outside. Having lived adjacent to the Adirondack Mountains for seven years, I'm excited to expand my outdoors experience, and to take advantage of the Rockies!
Favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs: The paninis at the Wild Goose Meeting House are fantastic, but who could pass up Man Candy (fancy bacon) at the Ritz!
Advice for CC applicants: Do yourself justice and make sure that you make your college application your own. Follow the tips and advice others give you, but don't go so far as to misrepresent yourself in your application. In the end, you should look at everything you are submitting for admission and be able to say, "yup, that's me!"