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My Favorite Places

by Laurie Laker '12

Colorado College’s campus has many places of great beauty and quiet solitude. My favorite place offers both of these. For me, there is no place I'd rather be at CC than on the Armstrong Quad in mid-September. 

The grass is thick and green, the ground is firm and yet forgiving, and the soccer balls roll with consummate ease from person to person.

There are few places in the world untouched by the beautiful game, and Colorado College is no different. We have a NCAA Division I Women's Soccer team, a Division III Men's Soccer team, and a thriving and colorful intramural scene. While the varsity sides garner the most attention, for me it is the intramural game at CC which truly shows the passion of the game.

What I most love about Armstrong Quad is the utility of the place. Used for everything from concerts to charitable events, when Armstrong Quad is in use there's no place like it. Not only is it located at the heart of the Colorado College campus, but it also serves as a place of community and the hub of CC's active-minded student body. It is a classroom, a clubhouse, and a field of hopes and dreams. I've laughed there, I've cried there – and there's plenty of blood in the ground as well. It's everything to me, and I love it.

Other CC Student Favorites

Study Spots

  • The "fishbowl" in Olin Hall
  • Tutt Library (the Lincoln Room, the Retro Room, study carrels)
  • The labyrinth outside Shove Chapel
  • Upstairs Worner

Pretty Places

  • View from the roof of Shove Chapel
  • Stewart Field hills near the Preserve
  • Benches in front of Ticknor
  • Patrick Dougherty's woven tree sapling sculptures outside Armstrong Hall

Go-to Hang-Outs

  • Residence Halls (lounges & dorm rooms)
  • Armstrong Quad
  • The flagpole outside Worner Campus Center
  • Yampa Field

Quiet Corners

  • Benches behind McGregor
  • Grassy clearings west of faculty housing
  • Cossitt Amphitheatre
  • Soccer dugouts at night