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Board of Trustees

November 2018 Trustee Update

Dear Campus Community,

CC’s Board of Trustees was on campus last week (Oct. 31-Nov. 3) for its regular fall meeting. I am happy to provide you with a summary of the meetings and actions taken.

Trustees participated in two sessions that focused on experiential learning at CC. Many trustees attended the Keller Family Venture Grant Forum, followed by a dinner with students and faculty involved in Venture Grants over the past year. The board also received a presentation on the Quad Innovation Partnership.  Quad Executive Director Jake Eichengreen, Assistant Director Beka Adair ’16, and students from CC, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and Pikes Peak Community College described the partnership and their work and how the Quad benefits students and the Colorado Springs community. 

The board met with Professor Roger Worthington, who is conducting CC’s review of racism, and received an update on the review and efforts to make CC an anti-racist institution. Trustees also heard updates on the athletics director search and changes in the advancement division.

Trustees also engaged in substantive conversations about climate change and sustainability.  Members of the Fossil Free CC group met with the Investment Committee to propose the formation of a fossil-free portion of the endowment, and Provost Alan Townsend spoke with the board about their, and CC’s role, in addressing climate change. At their next meeting, the board will continue to discuss how they can contribute most effectively to environmental sustainability.

The board’s other standing committees (Buildings, Grounds and Infrastructure; Governance; Budget and Finance; Audit) and strategic project teams (Athletics, Campaign Steering, Distinctiveness, and the Financial Model) also met.  Of note:
  • The Athletics SPT is continuing its work by focusing this year on CC’s support of the women’s soccer program and our Division III varsity sports.
  • The Audit Subcommittee met with the college’s auditors and accepted the college’s annual audit. The auditors reported no findings and were very complimentary about the transparency and cooperation of CC’s finance and financial aid staffs.
During the board’s business meeting, Chair Susie Burghart '77 and I shared the letter we received from the Indigenous and Native Peoples of CC requesting that the board name a space on campus after Indigenous and Native Peoples. The request was very positively received, and the board asked me to bring a specific proposal to them at their next meeting.

The board also approved several items including:
  • Authorization for the construction of Robson Arena, use of bond funding, the site for the facility, and the hiring of JLG Architects to work on the design of the arena. The board also charged me with putting together a committee of faculty, staff, students, and trustees to advise on the design of Robson Arena.
  • Changes to the Gender-Based Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure and its Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures. These changes, while relatively minor, enhance the college’s handling of cases covered by the policy.
  • Modifications to the Retirement Plan Fiduciary Responsibility Delegation Charter (as recommended by the campus Retirement Plan Committee).
  • Candidates for honorary degrees to be awarded at Commencement, 2019. The campus community will be updated as soon as those to be recognized are informed.
  • The granting of Honorary Trustee status to former trustee Lynne V. Cheney ’63.
The board heard reports from Provost Alan Townsend, who discussed his early impressions of CC, and Dean Sandi Wong, who gave an update on the faculty’s review of general education requirements. Mark Hille, interim VP for advancement, provided an update on the comprehensive fundraising campaign. Faculty Executive Committee Chair Professor Neena Grover, and CCSGA President Zac Schulman were unable to attend the meeting but submitted written reports to the board. 

Finally, I am happy to report that the board recently voted to confer Life Trusteeship on three former trustees: John P. Chalik ’67, Robert W. (Bob) Selig ’61, and Brian E. Williamson ’96. We are fortunate that these dedicated alumni will continue to contribute to the board’s work.

The next board meeting will be February 21-23, 2019.



Susan S. Burghart

Susan S. Burghart '77, Chair
Colorado Springs, CO

Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller '91, Vice-Chair
Burlington, WI

Marc St. John

Marc D. St John '80, Secretary
Chobham, Surrey, England

Board Members:

Allon, Margaret S. ’81: Denver, CO
Baer, Neal A. ’78: Los Angeles, CA
Bronfman, Sam P’11, ’19: Edwards, CO
Cullen, Carolyn ’91, P’20, ’21: Berwyn, PA
DeHerrera, Jerome A. ’97: Denver, CO
Ellis, Josiah (Joe) ’80: Denver, CO
Haygood, Ryan P. ’97: Newark, NJ
Horn, Jesse ’07: Baltimore, MD
Louis, Amy Shackelford ’84: Hinsdale, IL
Lumumba, Tafari N. ’05: Dallas, TX
Mangat, Kishen ’96: Boulder, CO
Martinez, Manuel L. ’74: Denver, CO
Mellum, Eric ’90: Minneapolis, MN
Moulton, Eben S. ’68: Cambridge, MA
Pham, Natalie ’99: Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam
Pohle, Liza Malott ’85: New Canaan, CT
Press, Adam F. ’84: Los Angeles, CA
Roman, Eyner ’19: Colorado Springs, CO
Rosendo, Antonio F. ’02: Colorado Springs, CO
Ross, Robert J.: Oklahoma City, OK
Rutledge, Jarod ’17: Stanford, CA
Slade, Michael B. ’79: Seattle, WA
Stenovec, P. Andrew ’85: Orinda, CA
Swan, Philip A. ’84: Pasadena, CA
Thomson, Brian K. ’85: Denver, CO
Tiefenthaler, Jill M. P’21: Colorado Springs, CO
Troubh, John B. ’79: New York, NY
Tutt Jr., R. Thayer P’15:  Colorado Springs, CO
Wold, Jack P. ’75, P’06, ’10: Denver, CO

Life Trustees

Campbell, William J. ’67, P’02: Denver, CO 
Chalik, John P. ’67: Oakland, CA
Cooper, Daniel J. ’66: Buena Vista, CO
Hybl, William J. '64, P’91: Colorado Springs, CO
Lampton, David M. P’00: Washington, DC
Manning Jr., Robert L. ’69: Denver, CO
Norberg, Douglas E. '62, P’88, ’91: Seattle, WA
Price, Harold C. P’75, ’76, ’87: Scottsdale, AZ
Rawlings, Jane L. ’70: Pueblo, CO
Selig, Robert (Bob) W, ’61: Woodside, CA
Skilling, David van Diest ’55, P’79, ’82, GP’19: Palm Desert, CA
Wilbur, Colburn S.: Los Altos, CA
Williamson, Brian E. ’96: San Francisco, CA
Woodrow, Nancy C. ’68: Scottsdale, AZ
Woolsey, Suzanne H. P’97, ’98, ’99: New York, NY

Honorary Trustees

Cheney, Lynne V. '63, P'88, '91: Washington, DC
Salazar, Kenneth L. '77: Denver, CO

Emeritus Trustees

Duncan, Susan Schlessman ’52, P’76: Lakewood, CO
Schlosser, Nancy B. ’49:  Santa Barbara, CA
Ward, William R. ’64:  Lone Tree, CO


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