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Sara Goering: "Disability and Quality of Life Judgments: Exploring the Disability Paradox"


Gaylord Hall
main floor of Worner Campus Center, 902 N. Cascade Ave.



Sara Goering will deliver the third lecture in the Philosophy Department’s 2013-14 colloquium lecture series. The title of her talk will be, “Disability and Quality of Life Judgments: Exploring the Disability Paradox.” Goering is associate professor of philosophy in the Program on Values in Society at the University of Washington. In addition, she has affiliations with the Department of Bioethics and Humanities, and the Disability Studies Program; and she leads the ethics thrust at the UW Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. She teaches courses in bioethics, ethics, philosophy of disability, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of medicine. She also spends time discussing philosophy with children in the Seattle public schools, through her role as the program director for the UW Center for Philosophy of Children. Her work focuses on the intersection between philosophy, disability, and bioethics, with particular interests in autonomy, prenatal testing, genetic and social justice, and quality of life issues. In addition to numerous articles, she has co-edited three collections: “Philosophy in Schools: An Introduction for Philosophers and Teachers,” with Nicholas Shudak and Thomas Wartenber, (Routledge, 2013); “Achieving Justice in Genomic Translation: Rethinking the Pathway to Benefit,” with Wylie Burke, Kelly Edwards, Suzanne Holland, and Sue Trinida (Oxford University Press, 2011); and “’It Just Ain't Fair!’ - The Ethics of Health Care for African Americans,” with Annette Dula (Praeger/Greenwood Publishing, 1994).

Sara Goering: "Disability and Quality of Life Judgments: Exploring the Disability Paradox"
Sara Goering
  • Open to Public: Yes
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Sponsored By: Philosophy Department, the Rubens Family Fund, the Robert Lewis Endowed Fund for Philosophy, and J. Glenn and Ursula Gray Memorial Fund
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