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Paul Menzer: "Shakespeare Anecdotally"


Gates Common Room
third floor of Palmer Hall, 1025 N. Cascade Ave. (east of Tutt Library) (map)



Paul Menzer, Shakespearean scholar and playwright, author of “Inside Shakespeare: Essays on the Blackfriars Stage” and of “The Hamlets: Cues, Q’s, and Remembered Texts” as well as the plays “Anonymous,” “The Brats of Clarence,” and “Shakespeare on Ice,” traces and treats the anecdotes that have most durably accompanied Shakespeare’s plays across the ages. Treating them as a form of vernacular theatre history and dramatic criticism, the talks asks simply what these anecdotes might tell us about some of Shakespeare’s most familiar plays.


Paul Menzer: "Shakespeare Anecdotally"
  • Open to Public: Yes
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Sponsored By: The NEH Professorship
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