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About Tutt Library

The mission of Tutt Library is to provide bibliographic, intellectual, and physical access to knowledge and information, to support the educational aims of Colorado College, and to promote continued independent learning.

Ask Chas

Dear Chas,

I heard that next year you are going to make us all pay to print!

What's up with this? Didn't you leave a lot of money to Tutt Library?

--Worried and broke

Chas Answers:

Me? Make people pay to print? I have more important stuff to worry about, like the meaning of life.

Here is what I know: deciding how the College handles printing isn't up to me, and it isn't even entirely up to the Tutt Library. After all, if the Library charged people to print, but the other computer labs didn't, you guys would just print somewhere else.

Several College committees (including the Information Technology and Library Board and the Committee on Cost Containment) have discussed pay-to-print in recent months.  Each time they have reached the same conclusion: the costs to implement a pay-to-print system would outweigh the revenues generated by the system.

This isn't set in stone. It's certainly possible that eventually the College will decide it makes sense to charge for printing. But right now, there is no plan to charge for printing.