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About Tutt Library

The mission of Tutt Library is to provide bibliographic, intellectual, and physical access to knowledge and information, to support the educational aims of Colorado College, and to promote continued independent learning.

Ask Chas

Dear Chas,

So I hear your library’s getting a face-lift. What’s happening with all of that?

You aren’t losing your job, are you? Because that would be wrong in so many ways!

When does construction start? As in, when is this going to affect my life?

(signed) Big Boss of the Statue Dressing Union

Chas Answers:

Thank you kindly for your concern about my continued employment upholding the spirit of the library and the college. Nice of you to notice. I heard President T. say that I will still be a part of the library and college scene, so no worries there.

 Construction will start the day after graduation this May 2016, if all of the generous people donate enough money towards the costs. If you graduate this year, you escaped construction pretty well. For everyone else, all the college and the library and learning commons people are working hard to make sure that students have access to librarians, writing, and math specialists, collections, and study space. Look for more details this Spring.

So, you are in charge of the Statue Dressing Union. Let’s talk. I have some clothing and costume preferences to tell you about. Do you know where to get a nice top hat?