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Intramural Sports

What intramural (IM) sports lack in publicity, they make up for in spirit and sheer numbers. To see great swaths of people running around Armstrong Quad on a fall afternoon - clad in anything from tiger costumes to tie-dyed jumpsuits - is not uncommon. Recreation is a vital part of a balanced liberal arts education, and IM sports allow all students to reap the joys and benefits of physical activity and play.

IM Sports

It would be tough to find a student body more passionate about its intramural sports scene than that of Colorado College. Frequently ranked in the top 20 of The Princeton Review's "Everybody Plays Intramural Sports" list, CC offers such a wide range of IM sports that they entertain and engage even the most reluctant of athletes. From the "quintessentially CC" broomball to basketball to inner tube water polo to the wildly popular outdoor soccer, practically anyone can find something to try. Find out more at the Intramural Sports Program website.


Offered for every sport is the much coveted CC Intramural Champions T-shirt. Either black or yellow, these shirts are proudly worn by all champions upon the closing of their respective seasons. Lavished with praise, champions are then immortalized on the Intramural Wall of Champions in the El Pomar Sports Center - a testament of their achievements to be admired for generations to come!