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Do not lose your marching list.  Take it to both ceremonies.

The procession for Commencement and Baccalaureate will form in Gates Common Room, Palmer Hall.  In the event of rain on Commencement day, the procession will form in the World Arena (see Rain Plan).

When you line up both days, wear the tassel on your cap over your right eye.


Line up according to the marching list after the class picture has been taken on the steps of Palmer Hall—about 2:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Procession to the Chapel:  the Marshals will see that the appropriate person starts each row.  Remain standing.  Take your cap off when President Tiefenthaler does.  Invocation.  Sit when President Tiefenthaler does.

At end of Baccalaureate program: after hymn, remain standing.  Benediction.  Put your cap on when President Tiefenthaler does.  When marching out, faculty goes first; then seniors, front pews on the ground floor first, then the balconies.

Commencement Outside

Line up according to the marching list, Monday at 7:30 a.m. in Gates Common Room (Palmer Hall).

Procession to location of ceremonies on lawn:  Those who are to start new rows be sure to do so!  Only Row Starters should start a new row!  Remain standing.  Follow President Tiefenthaler and remove caps when she does.  However, when the President stands to confer degrees, all seniors replace caps.  You have your cap on when you go up for your diploma.  Keep your cap on until after the tassel ceremony.

Anthem.  After anthem, put caps back on to protect against sun.

Commencement program:  Speaker, Honorary Degrees

Conferring of degrees:  Degrees are conferred on students by groups:

  • First, the M.A.T. candidates
  • Then the B.A. candidates

For each group the procedure is the same, as follows:

Dean of the Faculty:  “Will candidates for the B.A. (or M.A.T.) Degree please stand.”  (Others remain seated.)

President of the College:  “By the virtue of.....” etc.

Dean:  “Will the candidates please present themselves...” etc.

M.A.T. degree: Recipients file forward.  Ascend platform on north side and descend on south side.  Each candidate stands before the President while the Marshal puts on the M.A. hood.  When the Masters degree candidates return to their seats, they remain standing.  They sit on signal from the Marshal.

B.A. degree: Seniors file forward, starting with the president of the class, the others following alphabetically.  Ascend platform on north side and descend on south side.

Each row stands when released by the faculty usher.  The entire row follows the first person in that row to the platform.  Do not get out of order while moving toward the platform! When you return to your seat, sit down so that those behind can see.

Tassel ceremony:  After the last senior has received the diploma, the president of the class rises and faces the seniors.  The seniors rise.  The class president moves the tassel on the cap from right to left eye, and seniors do the same.  All then sit down.

Take caps off when the College President does before singing the Colorado College Hymn.  Remain standing.  Benediction.  Put caps on when the President does.  In marching out, the faculty goes first, then the seniors (front rows first).

Commencement in Event of Rain

In the event of rain, the Commencement will be held in the World Arena, 3205 Venetucci Blvd.  See separate Rain Plan Instruction Sheet.

The seating arrangement is similar to the outdoor commencement.  The pattern for filing forward to receive diplomas is the same as for the outdoor ceremony.