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About the Collaborative for Community Engagement

The Collaborative for Community Engagement was founded in the summer of 2012 out of the merger of the Partnership for Civic Engagement and the Center for Service and Learning.  Although both offices had a long history of engaging in projects promoting the common good, it was often unclear to community members and students which office they should approach when they wanted to get something done.  And although both offices saw great value in engaging academic content in the service of addressing real-world problems, both fell short of offering a rigorous, comprehensive, empirically justifiable approach.

The Collaborative for Community Engagement was developed to address these concerns. We have emerged out of an identified need to streamline service delivery, facilitate sustainable community partnerships, and move continually towards best practices.  Towards these goals, we strive for systematic program assessment and the nesting of programming in conceptual frameworks and research findings from across the disciplines.   We seek to engage the rigors of the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences in the interest of social change and environmental stewardship.  We seek your feedback, your inquiry, your suggestions, and your participation.