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Learning Assistant Program

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  1. Learning Assistants are assigned by this process:
    • Faculty requests a LA for a course/block using the application on the QRC website.
    • Director identifies a qualified tutor on staff. If the QRC does not have a tutor on staff, we may hire someone not currently employed by the QRC but recommended by the faculty.
  2. Learning Assistants serve a single course for the duration of the course (normally one or two blocks). There are cases where two students have successfully shared a LA position.
  3. The LA works closely with the faculty member to perform duties that are coordinated with the class schedule. Duties commonly performed by a LA:
    • Problem sessions (afternoon and/or evenings)
    • Review seesions before exams
    • Help with labs and write-ups
    • Help with presentations (including pre-screening)
    • Help with software usage (such as Minitab, Mathematica, SPSS, Excel, etc.)
    • Work individually with students that faculty feel need extra input and feedback.
  4. The LA position should focus on academic support of students in the course.  This does not include grading or set-up and clean-up of materials for labs.
  5. It is important that the LA is introduced to the class by the faculty member so that students see the LA as a legitimate component of the course. This should be done at the beginning of the block as soon as possible. The best case scenario is to have the LA activities incorporated into the course syllabus prior to the start of the course.
  6. The LA may work up to 25 hours per block.  They are paid hourly. LAs will be responsible for keeping track of their hours and the students with whom they have worked in the course.
  7. For employment the LA needs to submit I-9 & W-2 forms with Human Resources and complete a Student Employment Form from Financial Aid in Cutler Hall. They should sign the Employment Form and drop it off at the QRC director’s office so that budget codes can be added. If you have worked on campus already then the I-9 & W-4 forms have been done already.
  8. LAs will be responsible for keeping track of their work and the students with whom they have worked.  

Steve Getty, Ph.D.
Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center

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