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 Writing Adjuncts 

  • GS260 1413 - Writing Enhancement 
    Provides an opportunity for students to improve their writing skills through practice and criticism. This course must be taken in conjunction with a Writing in the Disciplines course if taken in fulfillment of the Writing Proficiency Requirement. (Must be taken on a P/NC basis: first taught in academic year 2010-11.)Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor. .5 unit - Sartin, Santa. 
    Counts toward fulfilling the Writing Requirement

  • GS201 1411 - Advanced Written Practice in English as a Second Language, I 
    Language practice and support for any student whose native language is not English. Review of and practice in American academic writing conventions, mechanics, and English grammar. .5 unit - TBA. 
    Counts toward fulfilling the Writing Requirement

  • GS202 1411 - Advanced Oral Practice in English as a Second Language, II
    Strengthening of oral fluency skills through pronunciation practice, vocabulary development, and review of idiomatic expressions and two-word verbs. Students will also participate in classroom discussions and oral presentations. .5 unit - TBA. 
     Counts toward fulfilling the Writing Requirement

  •  GS399 3412 - Topics in Advanced Writing Projects
    This course will provide students with strategies for approaching advanced writing projects, such as senior thesis papers, grant and scholarship applications, and essays for graduate and professional schools. Students will learn methods for research, invention, drafting, organization, and revision. By the end of the class, students will have produced a significant piece of writing for a class or an independent project. As this course requires substantial writing, revision, conferencing, and response, course seats will be capped at 12. COI and Pass/Fail grade track only. Either .25 units in two block adjunct format or .5 units in half-block (1.0 units maximum credit in any given year) .25 unit - Sartin, Swift. 
  • EN280 7711 Topics in Literature: Rewriting the Beats.  Block 7
    This course will examine the work of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and a small group of mid-20th century writers who challenged (and continue to challenge) the orthodoxy of American letters. Our study will focus on the historical context, stylistic innovations, and cultural significance of these writers and their work, will consider connections to be drawn between writing, art, film, and music of this period (extending roughly from the mid-1940s to the early 1960s), and address contentious issues regarding the role of gender, sexual orientation, and spiritual practice in the generation, reception, and legacy of this body of work.  Santa
    Writing Intensive Course