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KRCC connects you and your event or department to a community of 60,000 weekly listeners throughout Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.


KRCC listeners are critical thinkers and come from every walk of life.  Your event announcement or departmental promotion on KRCC informs an audience who is unprecedented in its involvement in the community, and deeply committed to enriching their lives by immersion in continued education and cultural events.

KRCC offers the CC community the following resources:

Public Service Announcements:

KRCC provides public service announcements for Colorado College events, free of charge.  We actively coordinate with the office of communications to feature events that have been submitted to Colorado College’s events calendar.  If you would like to submit your event directly to us, please e-mail us the info at  Your event information goes into a pool of 50 other announcements that rotate throughout the day. Though all nonprofits are eligible to submit PSAs, during news programs, we prioritize Colorado College announcements.  Your announcement will also be featured on our much-used community calendar at, in addition to the Colorado College events calendar.

Helpful Tips:  The tremendous volume of announcements we receive means that we need you to do your part to ensure your event airs on the radio.  Just a little extra planning on your behalf will greatly increase how soon we can start talking about you on the air.

    1. Please send us your event information in the body of an e-mail, not as an attached file or poster.
    2. Write three to four short and very clear sentences about the event that include WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE. The simpler and clearer, the better the PSA will be. Read it out loud to someone.   
    3. Include pronunciation guides for any names or words you feel might be mispronounced.  For example, MAX KADE Theater has commonly been mispronounced by many of KRCC’s volunteers, because they’re not as familiar with campus.  It’s best to include phonetic pronunciations, with emphasized syllables in caps, i.e. MAHX KAHD-uh. 
    4. We must receive your information a minimum of two weeks in advance.  Because your message goes into rotation with 50 other announcements, we must get the information in advance so it will air enough times to have an impact on your event… no exceptions, sorry.  If you have a last minute event, that happens sooner than the two-week deadline, there is hope.  You can sponsor KRCC programming and ensure your event gets the exposure it needs to succeed. 

Sponsorship Packages:

You can promote your event or department with a KRCC sponsorship package. Have you booked a last minute speaker or band?  Does your department engage in activities that would benefit from long-term exposure in the Southern Colorado community?  Does an activity you’re promoting require large community participation in order to fulfill the requirements of a grant that is funding your event?  KRCC can help!

We offer all Colorado College departments half-price sponsorship prices.  You could ensure exposure for your event for as little as $160 per week!  Please contact Mary Ellen Davis at 473-4801 or for more information.  The Bookstore, IDEA Space, and Summer Session have used KRCC’s on-air messaging for their events.

More about KRCC

Licensed in 1951, KRCC is Colorado’s oldest educational broadcaster.  We are a department of the office of communications.  Colorado College is KRCC’s parent organization and licensee.  Though a part of Colorado College, KRCC generates its revenue through listener contributions, program underwriting, grants, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Colorado College’s business office oversees KRCC’s finances.  We are a National Public Radio member station, and an affiliate station of Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Public Radio International, American Public Media, the Public Radio Exchange, and the country’s oldest national public radio network, Pacifica.