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Guide to Painless Projects

Why should I seek assistance from the Communications Office?

It is important that Colorado College’s communications materials present a message and image consistent with the high quality of the college’s faculty, staff, students, and programs. 

What services can the staff provide?

  • Project conceptualization/strategy 
  • Writing and editing
  • Design (in-house and freelance)
  • Media relations
  • Print coordination
  • Photography and illustration
  • Video
  • Web communications

What are the steps in the process?

Set up a meeting at least six weeks before your communications piece is needed. Call Communications at X6603 to get started.

Once your copy is written and approved by the appropriate individual, we will schedule a meeting where you will submit your copy and discuss the project. Note: Our office will be happy to begin layout on your job once we have your final, approved copy. Please send your copy to Editorial Director Jen Kulier via e-mail ( as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Review and sign off on your project before it goes to press. You will see a layout, or proof, of your project before it is printed. You and your department are responsible for proofreading and confirming the accuracy of all copy. If mailing is involved, you are also responsible for postage, and postal or mail-house coordination. (We normally allow two days for proof review. If you anticipate needing more time for this step, please mention it during the meeting so we can schedule accordingly.)

Approve the project bid. The publications staff will ask you to approve the printer's bid before the project goes to press and provide us with a budget code to charge your project to.

Wait for delivery. After we release artwork to the printer, you will usually receive delivery of your piece in about two weeks.

Watch for billing. After your project has been completed, you will receive photocopies of all invoices when we send them to the business office for payment.

How should I prepare before coming to you for help?

Please be prepared to answer these questions:

  • What is the project? What’s the task at hand?
  • Why are we doing it? What is the objective, problem or opportunity?
  • Who is it for and why should they care?
  • Where and how will it be used?
  • Who will become engaged with it directly and indirectly?
  • How will it be remembered and retold?
  • When do you need it? How many copies do you need?
  • Postage information; i.e. bulk rate, non-profit, or first-class
  • Distribution details (e.g., quantity with and/or without postage indicia, quantity with and/or without tabs or glue spots)
  • Delivery instructions
  • Details about your electronic distribution plan, if applicable (e.g., will you need a copy of your piece for the web?).
  • What is your budget?
  • How will you measure its success or failure?

How long does it take to complete a project?

In general, we follow these guidelines:

  • Revision of an existing piece — 4-5 weeks
  • New project or substantial revision — 6-12 weeks
  • Book-length piece — 3-9 months

Note: Production schedules begin when we receive final approved copy and end on the date the printed piece is delivered to campus or a mailing house.

What if I miss my copy deadline?

We will adjust the end date of the project accordingly. For example, if your copy is two weeks late, the project delivery date will be at least two weeks (maybe longer) later than originally scheduled. If we have less than six weeks to deliver your project, you may be required to pay for freelance writing, editing or design services, which we will coordinate.

How much do I have to pay?

In general, our editing and design services are free to Colorado College offices and departments. However, in some cases, a piece may require freelance writing, editing, and/or design to meet its objectives or to be produced according to your timeline. In these instances, project sponsors are responsible for paying these outside charges. All project sponsors are responsible for printing, photography, and illustration costs. If mailing is involved, you are responsible for postage, postal coordination, and any mail-house fees.