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Snow & Ice Management Plan


Snow removal and ice control management is extremely important to the continuous operation of the College and the completion of its mission during the winter season, which can extend from October through April of each year. Proper removal of snow and control of ice is important to the safety and welfare of the people who utilize the campus, and is the explicit task as well as an obligation of the Facilities Services Department to carry out in an efficient and effective manner. Because these operations can be required any time day or night, seven days a week during the winter season, a plan which requires little or no supervisory or management input to begin snow removal and ice control operations is essential. The purpose of this plan, therefore, is to outline and list overall objectives, responsibilities, and priorities of the crews responsible for carrying out these operations.

This document serves as a planning tool for pre-season preparatory operations. It should be reviewed and studied prior to the winter season, where changes can be suggested and incorporated before implementation is necessary. The plan is a guideline only, which does not negate the requirement for coordination, interface, cooperation, training, self-initiative, problem solving and evaluation, of the crews and people involved in this operation. This document also serves as a guide for the campus constituency, in that it shows priorities to be accomplished in sequence. Pre-approved priorities make it easier to stick to a systematic approach which is best for the whole campus, if not for some constituents lower on the list. Changes to priorities should be made prior to snow and ice season in order for the Facilities Services crews to make adjustments to their campus wide approach to snow removal and ice control. Requests for changes will be considered by the Director of Facilities Services.

Please note that there has been no mention of differentiation of activities and events during snow and / or ice storms. The Grounds Shop Supervisor, or their designee, will be ultimately responsible for the directing of snow removal resources.

Plan Overview

The General Plan for snow and ice control on campus is as follows:

  1. Snow removal personnel will be made available, either through the use of emergency call-out lists, or by utilizing on duty personnel, in the event the snow and ice management plan is to be put into effect.
  2. Priority areas, the crews responsible for each area, and the equipment necessary to carry out a snow and ice management program, will be identified and outlined in advance.
  3. Campus areas will be classified according to priority. Snow and ice management personnel shall carry out the priority order assignments as directed in this plan unless otherwise authorized by the Grounds Shop Supervisor or their designee.
  4. Overall management of the operation will be handled by the Grounds Shop Supervisor or their designee.
  5. Facilities Services will be responsible for parking lot snow removal, road way plowing and salting operations, tractor operations, area maintenance assignments, hand shoveling, and anti-skid operations.
  6. Critical areas for snow removal are, in general, ADA accessible routes, large parking lots, academic buildings (including Boettcher Health Center and Worner Center) and residence halls.

Pre-Season Tasks

The provisions of this Snow and Ice Management Plan apply for seasonal snow and ice conditions.

  1. Therefore, after September 1st and prior to October 1st, the Grounds Shop should do the following:
    1. Prepare all motorized snow removal equipment for operation.
    2. Trial mount all plows and plow lifts to be sure they are operative and repair any plow lifts needing repairs.
    3. Check trucks and tractors for the following equipment:
      1. Truck Flares
      2. Cones
      3. Tow Straps
      4. Snow Shovels
      5. Ice Melt
      6. Flash Lights


When the provisions of the Snow and Ice Management Plan needs to be implemented, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. During normal duty hours, the Grounds Shop Supervisor and / or appropriate management personnel will direct the work force.
  2. Campus Safety dispatch and / or the Director of Facilities calls the Grounds Shop Supervisor or their designee when a snow storm or ice storm begins between the hours of 5:00 pm and 5:00 am weekdays, and any time a storm begins on weekends or holidays.
  3. The Grounds Shop Supervisor will monitor weather forecasts and changing conditions.
  4. The Grounds Shop Supervisor reviews and makes decisions concerning call out times and size of work force for respective areas.

Upon approval of a call out request by Campus Safety, the following areas will be prioritized as noted:

  1. Identified ADA access routes
  2. Parking lots
  3. Main sidewalks and building entrances
  4. Feeder sidewalks and secondary entrances

Snow and Ice Management Coverage Hours and Basic Responsibilities

Snow removal and ice control services will be conducted during regular working hours as much as possible. Approved Facilities personnel as indicated in this plan or others as designated by the Director of Facilities Services will conduct all snow removal and ice control services in their respective areas. Facilities Services will be primarily responsible for the removal of snow and ice during regular business hours as well as after normal working hours. The goal is to complete all prioritized areas by no later than 7:30am. In the event of snow and ice removal, all essential personnel outlined below will remain on call and will be contacted by the Grounds Shop Supervisor either via radio or land line. Each Facilities Shop has assigned routes in which they will be responsible for clearing by 7:30am and through out the day until the completion of the storm. The Grounds Shop Supervisor will contact each shop supervisor in the event of an on-call need. It is the responsibility of each shop supervisor to designate who within their area will be coming in to complete the assigned route(s).

The Grounds Shop will be responsible for plowing of all parking lots and main sidewalks. All other shops will be responsible for steps, ramps and walks (that can not be cleared by plow) within the assigned areas.

  1. Grounds Shop
  2. Support Services
  3. Carpenter Shop
  4. Plumbing Shop
  5. Electric Shop
  6. Lock Shop
  7. HVAC
  8. Project Management

Essential Personnel

In the event of a snow or ice emergency, as conditions allow, ALL Facilities essential personnel will be expected to report to their assigned responsibilities. At the direction of the Director of Facilities Services, Facilities personnel may be expected to defer normal duties and assist with snow / ice removal activities.

Institutional Information Line

In the event of severe weather the 389-6000 will be programmed with information related to the operating status of the College, and other pertinent information. Other resources such as FLASH email, radio, television, and the College website may be utilized to inform the campus community.

Facilities Services Work Order Desk

If snow and ice management procedures are implemented during normal business hours, or while the College remains open, all concerns should be relayed to the Facilities Services Work Order Desk at 389-6876 for documentation and notification to appropriate snow and ice management personnel.