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From sports teams to FYE classes, the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym is the perfect place for groups to perform team building, trust building, cooperation, communication, and problem-solving activities. We offer a number of options for group visits, as well as options customizable to the group’s specific interests. 



1)      Fun climb:  everything provided, all you do is climb!  We provide shoes, harnesses, and trained belayers who will safely coach you up the climb.

2)      Team building clinic: Clinic includes various team exercises, basic belay training, and an opportunity for group members to belay each other on climbs. All necessary gear provided.  Clinic lasts 3 hours.

3)      Customized experience:  Got your own idea for a group experience?  Please contact us to work out how we can make that happen.



All group visits will be run by knowledgeable student staff, all of whom have been trained in gym safety policies and medical situations.  


Groups will be charged $10/hour/staff member, plus an addition hour per staff member for set-up and take-down.  Count on approximately 4:1 staff to group member ratio, although this ratio can vary based on the experience, and the number of people you would like to have climbing at one time.  

Schedule a Visit:

To schedule a group visit, please contact:

David Crye

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education

(719) 389-6943